John Rickenbacker

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I have known John Stehmeyer, as his Pastor for five years. I have been a senior pastor for over eighteen years. John participates in many education classes at Church. John’s personal testimony confirms he is a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ. John helped our family sell our home and he did a wonderful job. The house sold in three months when the market average was seven months. Our sales price was well above market average. Where many homes were taking over twelve months to sell! John got us 97% of asking price. John helped us identify Low Cost Improvements that really helped the home show better and maximize our sales price. He told us some qualified people to take care of the work promptly and efficiently. I think the Pro Players marketing system is a very good home selling system. I think John will do what it takes to Buy or Sell Homes for people. I would also like to say positively The Pro Players Bonus is awesome! I recommend John and his team to everyone!

John Rickenbacker

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