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Tallahassee Spanish Speaking Realtors Nuestros agentes de bienes raíces en Tallahassee pueden proveerle ayuda profesional y acceso a la búsqueda MLS de Tallahassee


Nuestros agentes de bienes raíces en Tallahassee pueden proveerle ayuda profesional y acceso a la búsqueda MLS de Tallahassee, listados de propiedades embargadas y ayuda con las ventas cortas en Tallahassee. Nos hemos especializado en ventas residenciales en Tallahassee y en propiedades del Condado de León por muchos años. Llámenos. Le podemos ayudar.
Nuestros agentes en Tallahassee están entrenados profesionalmente para convertirse en negociadores exitosos. Siempre vamos a analizar múltiples estrategias para ayudar a nuestros clientes a encontrar las soluciones más favorables  las cuales  beneficien a todas las partes involucradas. Les exponemos las diferentes opciones y les explicamos lo qué es mas conveniente de cada uno.
Llame a Laura en busca si necesita ayuda profesional!
Laura Kenney,
Los jugadores de Pro Realty USA
  P.A.,  CSP
Asociado de la Florida agente de bienes raíces
Especialista en ejecución de una hipoteca certificada
Certificado de corto Venta Profesional
1415 E. Piamonte Drive, Suite 5
Tallahassee, Florida 32308
In English!

Our Tallahassee Realtors can provide professional help and access to Tallahassee MLS search, Tallahassee foreclosure listings and Tallahassee short Sale assistance. We have specialized in Tallahassee homes for sale and Leon County properties for years. Call us we can help.
Our Tallahassee agents have have trained professionally to become win win negotiators. We will always analyze multiple strategies to help our clients find the most advantageous solutions that benefit all parties involved. We lay out multiple options and explain what is best about each one.
Call  Laura for professional help!

Laura Kenney,
Pro Players Realty USA
Florida Realtor Associate
Certified Foreclosure Specialist
Certified Short-Sale Professional
1415 E. Piedmont Drive, Suite 5
Tallahassee, Florida  32308

NEXT FRIDAY! BAD DECISIONS LIMIT FUTURE OPTIONS! of course free lunch as always, this month by BB&T! register here https://www.facebook.com/events/356741827724587/



of course free lunch as always, this month by BB&T!

register here https://www.facebook.com/events/356741827724587/

PRO PLAYERS, we are your team for real estate! 850-942-SOLD (7653)

PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA presents Tallahassee Commercial Property for sale over $500,000

PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA presents a list of Tallahassee Commercial Property for sale over $500,000 offered by your Tallahassee Real estate team. Call us for help 850.942.SOLD {7653}


Address City Zip Price
1845 Jaclif Court TALLAHASSEE 32308 $500,000
2823 Capital Circle Northeast TALLAHASSEE 32308 $500,000
125 N Gadsden Street TALLAHASSEE 32301 $500,000
2011 S Adams Street TALLAHASSEE 32301 $550,000
310 Polk Drive TALLAHASSEE 32301 $550,000
4390 Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $575,000
430 SE Mill Street OTHER FLORIDA 32066 $595,000
2437 SW CR 360 MADISON 32340 $595,000
483 PORT LEON DRIVE ST MARKS 32355 $599,000
XXXX Pat Thomas QUINCY 32351 $650,000
0 HWY 365/98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $650,000
3771 Crawfordville Hwy CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $663,000
308 E Orange Avenue TALLAHASSEE 32303 $675,000
716 Monroe Street North TALLAHASSEE 32303 $675,000
703 Railroad Avenue TALLAHASSEE 32303 $680,000
3856 S SR 53 MADISON COUNTY 32340-5938 $699,000
1845 Jaclif Court TALLAHASSEE 32308 $750,000
xx Coastal Hwy 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $750,000
1721 Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $752,750
3651 Hartsfield Road TALLAHASSEE 32303 $776,400
2930 COASTAL HWY MEDART 32327 $795,000
5 Franklin Ct. TALLAHASSEE 32311 $799,000
2627 Spring Creek Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $799,000
1951 W Jefferson Street QUINCY 32351 $800,000
1815 S ADAMS ST TALLAHASSEE 32301 $824,900
1131 Live Oak Street QUINCY 32351 $890,000
1246 Timberlane Road TALLAHASSEE 32312 $899,000
3058 Highland Oaks Terrace TALLAHASSEE 32311 $900,000
306 N Monroe Street TALLAHASSEE 32301 $950,000
21239 Keaton Beach Drive KEATON BEACH 32348 $950,000
2001 Thomasville Road TALLAHASSEE 32308 $980,000
2414 E Plaza Drive TALLAHASSEE 32308 $987,900
1140 W Tharpe Street TALLAHASSEE 32303 $997,000
2377 Lake Hall Road TALLAHASSEE 32309 $999,000
1202 PARK AVE E TALLAHASSEE 32301 ########
3373 Garber Drive TALLAHASSEE 32303 ########
222 E COLLEGE Avenue TALLAHASSEE 32301 ########
228 Gaile Ave TALLAHASSEE 32305-5201 ########
xx Coastal Hwy 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
xx Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
3339 HIGHWAY 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
1123 Thomasville Road TALLAHASSEE 32303 ########
9495 Puckett Road PERRY 32348 ########
xx Coastal Hwy 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
3209 E Mahan Drive TALLAHASSEE 32308 ########
2412 W Tennessee Street TALLAHASSEE 32304 ########
xx Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
xx Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
1531 Commonwealth Business Drive TALLAHASSEE 32303 ########
00 Harbour Drive SHELL POINT 32327 ########
9330 W Tennessee Street TALLAHASSEE 32311 ########

1049 Summerbrooke Drive, MLS 225076


I need your help. I sold the house next door to Jimbo Fisher in Golden Eagle,  and one a couple doors down on the other side on a referral. Now I need to sell this one next door to FSU Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops at 1049 Summerbrooke Drive, MLS 225076. The place is stacked with creature comforts, pool, outdoor kitchen, lots more, at $399,000. Call me please, thanks! — with Pro Players Realty USA. Thank you, John Stehmeyer Call for help at 850-942-SOLD (7653)

Morgan Stanley Posts $413m Q409 Profit as Real Estate Gains

Global financial services and asset-management firm Morgan Stanley (MS: 30.77 -1.25%) posted $413m of income from continuing operations in the fourth quarter of 2009, compared with a loss of $10.5bn in the previous-year period.

Net revenue of $6.8bn in Q409 brings the full-year net income to $1.35bn, compared with a net loss of $246m in 2008.

Firm-wide results for the full year reflected $1.9bn of net losses on real estate investments “amidst the ongoing industry-wide decline in this market,” Morgan Stanley said in the earnings statement.

Investment gains in the firm’s institutional securities division were $61m in the quarter, compared with year-ago losses of $1.85bn, driven primarily by gains on real estate investments. The increased gains drove full-year 2009 investment losses to $900m, compared with $2.7bn losses in the previous year.

Morgan Stanley’s asset management division saw a pre-tax loss of $55m in the quarter, despite net revenues in the Merchant Banking unit of $153m, driven by principal investment gains the real estate business.

Tallahassee Housing Starts

The Tallahassee economic recovery is getting little help from the home building industry.  Construction of homes unexpectedly plunged last month to its lowest point since April, the Commerce Department reported on Wednesday.

The weak figures show that builders fear there are not enough buyers to soak up the glut of unsold homes already on the market.

They also illustrate how much the fledgling recovery depends on government aid. Builders held back in part because of uncertainty in October about whether Congress would extend a tax credit for home buyers. Earlier this month, lawmakers renewed the credit and extended it to more buyers.

Even with government support, the weakness of the housing sector is dragging on the economy.

The report on home construction said building of homes and apartments fell 10.6 percent in October to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 529,000, from an upwardly revised 592,000 in September. Economists had expected a pace of 600,000.

“There has not has not been much improvement in the underlying demand for new and existing homes,” said Mark Vitner, senior economist with Wells Fargo Securities. “That’s a warning for 2010.”

Developers, faced with weak demand and competition from bargain-priced foreclosures, have scaled back sharply. The number of homes under construction last month fell 3.4 percent to 560,000, the lowest on record dating to 1970.

Jack McCabe, a Deerfield Beach-based real estate analyst, thinks a huge portion of recent homes sales in Florida were “directly attributable” to the tax credit.

“I think you can make a pretty strong case that nearly half of the recent sales are due to the tax credit stimulus,” McCabe said. That has hurried along buyers who might have already been looking to purchase in 2010 more than it has brought new buyers to the table.

Once credit ends, sales are likely to drop, a notion bolstered by the government’s report on Wednesday, McCabe said.

“Now that they have extended the stimulus, I expect we will see people continuing to buy through the spring. But come May, once the stimulus is gone, I think we’re going to see a sharp drop in sales,” he said.

That could mean “sales go back down to where they should be, which could be about half of this inflated market right now.”

“Once you get to that equilibrium of inventory, then it makes a lot more sense for people to say, ‘I can buy the house that I want, the way I want it, for the same price I can pick up a short sale or foreclosure,'” Anderson said.

“It’s still not a great market,” said Brad Hunter, chief economist with Metrostudy, a real estate research firm.

“But it’s not as bad as it was six months ago.”

Don’t sell yet, repair.

If your thinking about selling that Tallahassee home but know the Tallahassee real estate market is just too low then why not start preparing your house now?

The order of things:

Fix the major stuff first:  leaky roof, termites, insulation problems.

Once that’s taken care of you can ‘spruce up the place’ but realize that you likely not to get back every dollar you spend.  Most recommend against doing major remodels.   However, make sure everything is working order.  Your house has to look good.  The golden three are:  clean, paint, get rid of the carpet.

Now it’s on to landscape.  Believe it or not this is one of the most important things.  First impressions and all…

The great thing about taking advantage of a down market is the ability to spread out your repairs over time and knowing that when the housing market recovers you’ll be ready to take advantage.

Newsletter Issue #1

Our first Tallahassee Real Estate Newsletter is ready is ready to hit the digital press.  We’re pleased to bring you this quarters local real estate developments as well as the general ongoings of Tallahassee.

Please click here to have a look at this visually pleasing document. Don’t be afraid to pass it along to your friends and family.


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