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Pro Players Realty USA
The best business model for brokers and agents

At Pro Players Realty USA We are assembling a community of investors across this nation who will make money and have a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. People who are happy when others succeed, people who work together and mentor each other as a mastermind group, people who eat together, and take vacations together. This group will add to and multiply the success of our members, not subtract and divide. This group will be financially rewarded every time they bring in a new business owner and have ongoing revenue.

Our group of investors will form global relationships and plant new Pro Players operations across the globe increasing their chances for profitability and new relationships.

At Pro Players Realty USA we want to provide and add significant value to our sales team with great pay and ongoing revenue. We want them to get return on their investment several times over and ongoing revenues.

Here is an offer for Brokers who want to develop a State Territory, as well as sales executives and investors with Pro Players Realty USA.

I feel motivated and encouraged about  the right people involved with Pro Players Realty USA. I want to make this a win/win/win, the brokers joining us, and the organization as a whole. We want to be the most beneficial company for agents and broker owners in the industry, with powerful incentives for  each member to grow the organization.

This is an opportunity to get in at the top of an upcoming Real Estate Organization in the USA.  We believe we have the best programs for agents and broker/owners in the industry.  Our systems grow lifetime residual income at every level in the company.   Our low entree fees make this company the place of choice for existing brokers to grow lifetime income and have a business they can sell.

Pro Players Realty USA is created to be the Brand that has unique empowering programs for our agents and broker owners ; while building a recognizable name utilizing true Pro Players who become involved in ownership , promotion and sales.

Option for State Developers they will earn up to 35% equity when they develop state territories. 10% Down payment is preferred, we will work with a motivated and capable broker on the upfront money, who opens an office in each state. Each successful office they train, open and sell, they will be awarded 5% equity in that state, plus the lifetime 10% residual income stream from each one they recruit. They will have first right of refusal to purchase the licensing rights to that state. If the state is sold to another investor, they will keep the residual income streams and be paid their current ownership percentage. Brokers in states are always eligible for the 10% LIFETIME RESIDUAL INCOME on agents and brokers. For agents 10% the sponsor must be a licensed real estate agent.


State Sales:

This year 2013, there is a $25,000. bonus to selling brokers on state regions!


 TEXAS is SOLD! Grand opening soon!

Example: If he brings the buyer and Florida sells for $2,000,000, (plus $100. ongoing per transaction sold fee), he will be paid $225,000. at close, and an ongoing $10.00 per unit sold in Texas lifetime. In addition he will gain 1% of stock in PPRUSA. There are several high value states including California, Pennsylvania, New York. Others will be sold at extremely competitive prices to establish our brand and build market share as soon as possible. If he is the state developer, he would get 35% additional if he had developed 7 offices and brought the buyer, while retaining his 10% income streams.

When he sells a territory, like a city office, PPRUSA will pay a 10% Cash payment of the original fee, and a 10% lifetime of all transaction and renewal revenue directly to him, very similar to the states.The goal here is 500 offices in 5 years, the company will have a team working on these sales too.

We seek celebrities and organizations with lots of athlete and Realtor contacts, so all NFL, NBA, MLB, Real Estate Broker/Owners, Business owners, are invited to be part owners of our organization.
Our systems will revolutionize real estate brokerage practices in North America. We will create lifetime brand loyalty from our agents, at the same time rewarding them to recruit agents to our company. With better served clients, and unprecedented effortless growth, the results will be maximum long term profits.

Our business plan is designed for rapid, sustainable growth, and will work very nicely in the current market conditions.
We want to be the most beneficial company for agents and broker owners in the industry, with powerful incentives for  each member to grow the organization.

Initial Investor wanted

 If you are the initial investor and the sales executive, you will be included you in the global expansion. We can fund it from the company funds. This opportunity is limited and available now.

Pro Players Realty USA is designed for professional athletes and real estate professionals to have great careers with residual lifetime income opportunities providing a very comfortable lifestyle and retirement.

Global Plan:

Garner relationships with celebrity professional athletes from Hockey to Soccer in various countries, and we will implement an even more attractive yet similar program for each country, probably the initial ownership will be 10%. and the celebrity athlete will have equity. The development costs and potential revenues are unknown at this time. Asia, Canada, China, Europe, South America are high on our list.

States we can not License in will have to be franchise sales, licensing is not permitted, under a California Agreement, and may have individual state agreements we will use when we have interest, or we may just franchise these states later.
(Hawaii, Maryland, North Dakota, Rhode Island,Washington.)

The real estate industry in The United States is a very lucrative industry with over $92 Billion in sales, and growing again after the recession. The Pro Players Realty USA Business Model attracts agents rapidly and builds market share. This early opportunity has special pricing for celebrity owners to build large profitable businesses in their chosen areas at a low entry investment.

This opportunity is limited and available now, prices are subject to increase later.

Pro Players Realty USA

State Pricing and Target State Sales as of 2013.  Contact us today for special early investor pricing.

  • Alabama Sales price $ 700,000.
  • Alaska Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Arizona Sales price $1,000,000
  • Arkansas Sales price $ 300,000.
  • California Sales price $3,000,000. *There is CURRENTLY INITIAL INTEREST in Developing the California network. 
  • Colorado Sales price $1,000,000.
  • Connecticut Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Delaware Sales price $ 200,000.
  • District of Columbia check on availability
  • Florida Sales price $2,300,000. *CURRENTLY developing the Florida network 
  • Georgia Sales price $1,500,000.
  • Guam Licensing TBA
  • Hawaii – Licensing TBA
  • Idaho Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Illinois Sales price $2,000,000. *There is CURRENTLY INITIAL INTEREST in Developing the Illinois network. 
  • Indiana Sales price $1,000,000 *There is possible INITIAL INTEREST in Developing the Indiana network. 
  • Iowa Sales price $ 300,000.
  • Kansas Sales price $ 300,000.
  • Kentucky Sales price $ 700,000.
  • Louisiana Sales price $ 700,000.
  • Maine Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Maryland Licensing TBA
  • Massachusetts Sales price $1,000,000
  • Michigan Sales price $1,500,000.
  • Minnesota Sales price $1,000,000.
  • Mississippi Sales price $ 500,000.
  • Missouri Sales price $1,000,000
  • Montana Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Nebraska Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Nevada Sales price $ 300,000. *There is possible INITIAL INTEREST in Developing the Nevada network. 
  • New Hampshire Sales price $ 200,000.
  • New Jersey Sales price $1,000,000
  • New Mexico Sales price $ 300,000.
  • New York Sales price $2,000,000. *There is possible INITIAL INTEREST in Developing the New York network. 
  • North Carolina Sales price $1,500,000.
  • North Dakota- Licensing TBA
  • Northern Marianas Islands Licensing TBA
  • Ohio Sales price $2,000,000. *There is INITIAL INTEREST in Developing the Ohio network. 
  • Oklahoma Sales price $ 700,000.
  • Oregon Sales price $ 700,000.
  • Pennsylvania Sales price $2,000,000.
  • Puerto Rico Licensing TBA
  • Rhode Island  Licensing TBA
  • South Carolina Sales price $ 700,000.
  • South Dakota Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Tennessee Sales price $1,000,000
  • Texas Sales price $2.500,000.


     TEXAS is SOLD! Grand opening soon!

  • Utah Sales price $ 300,000.
  • Vermont Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Virginia Sales price $1,000,000
  • Virgin Islands Licensing TBA
  • Washington Licensing TBA
  • West Virginia Sales price $ 200,000.
  • Wisconsin Sales price $1,000,000
  • Wyoming Sales price $ 200,000.

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