Senior Real Estate Specialist

As a Senior’s Real Estate Specialist, (SRES) I like to help seniors with their real estate needs. I take the extra time needed to be sure they are well taken care of. Their estates can be complex. Each client I work with is more than a transaction.  I work with a team dedicated to providing the finest Real Estate Services for seniors.

We help our clients choose the right  Senior Housing Options

Choosing the appropriate senior living arrangement is challenging, not only because it entails an emotional dimension, but also because of the complex issues you need to weigh, such as cost, location, services, amenities, activities, and current and future care needs.

We can consult with you to make the best senior housing choice for you or your loved one. We can also work with you to anticipate care needs as you age to ensure that today’s senior housing choice will serve you well tomorrow.

Senior housing is categorized by the level of care available to residents. At one end of the spectrum, there are communities that offer little or no care; at the other, facilities that provide continuous care. Between those extremes are a wide range of housing choices that can meet changing needs.

Trying to get up to speed on all the new senior housing options? SRES® designees can offer insight on creative new options, such as intentional senior retirement homes and communities and co-housing environments, as well as more traditional senior housing choices, including:

Independent Living

Active Adult Senior Retirement Homes and Communities:

Assisted Living Senior Retirement Homes and Communities

Adult Family Senior Retirement Homes

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Continuing Care Retirement Living Communities:

What to Expect from Your SRES®

As REALTOR who are SRES® we enjoy interacting with seniors. Our decision to become an SRES® is rooted in a desire to help others. We have respect for older individuals; have the ability to listen deeply and ask the right questions; knows how to communicate the old-fashioned way, with a handshake and a visit. Be prepared to sit and chat awhile. We’ll want to take time to get to know you and your family’s situation, as you’ll want to learn more about them.

We understand that this can be a stressful time for a family. It’s hard to deal with leaving a home after spending many years in it. Perhaps the parent would actually prefer to go on living there. We wants to understand the challenges you all face in this major decision. By doing so, we can present all available options, so that the outcome is one that will suit the family’s needs.

At times, the amount of information coming your way may seem overwhelming. We are there to help by tailoring meetings to a senior’s needs. Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you’d like until you feel comfortable with the steps to the sales process and other potentially-complicated details. We may suggest taking breaks so you can absorb the information, and may want to break up the prelisting-process over several visits to your home.

Why Use an SRES®?

Over the age of 50 and considering selling the family home?

You need a REALTOR® with senior experience, knowledge and marketing savvy.

Those qualities, along with a special knowledge of managing the sale of a home for those over the age of 50, are what SRES® designees can bring to your next real estate transaction.

We are certified senior specialists and astute to the financial and emotional challenges senior clients face when they sell a long-held family home.

We not only can create a customized approach to marketing and selling your property, but we also can work with you to explore your housing options to ensure that your next home best serves your current and future needs.

Such certified specialists have special knowledge about everything from reverse mortgages and the importance of universal design to the uses of pensions, 401k accounts, and IRAs in real estate transactions.

We’ll also help you steer clear of loan schemes and scams that victimize aged 50+ borrowers.

And when you need help from other professionals, we can tap their network and put you in touch with qualified home inspectors, movers, attorneys, CPAs and other experts.

We have all the resources and knowledge to simplify the transaction and eliminate the anxiety of selling your home.

So if you’re thinking of buying, selling, renting or relocating, call Pro Players Realty USA

Benefits of Working with an SRES®

As we age, we demand specialists in our health needs, so why not in our housing and equity needs as well?

An SRES® brings:

  • A customized approach to your situation, working to fit your living situation in with your overall life plan
  • Expertise and patience throughout the transaction
  • An awareness of options and a network of solid, reliable referrals to help you in the process
  • A variety of choices to reduce out of pocket expenses, gain cash, or create or defer income streams to either stay independent or obtain financial assistance


The SRES® Professional Network

Selling a senior’s most valued and valuable asset, their home, and the subsequent move, often requires unique expertise on a number of different fronts. One compelling reason to us is that you’ll gain access to our network of related service professionals. For seniors, that includes specialists across a wide array of financial, legal, property and personal services, from estate planning to downsizing.

Sometimes an older parent has a trusted attorney and accountant. If they don’t, we can usually refer them and their adult children to elder law attorneys, estate planners, financial planners and tax advisors with experience in elder issues.

We maintain a professional network that includes individuals who can help with various steps of the sale and move, offering assistance on these and other matters:

  • The decision to sell: reverse mortgage counselors can look at ways to use the home’s equity to allow a senior to remain in their home, if that’s preferred
  • Prior to listing: tax specialists and financial planners to examine ways to protect assets
  • Preparing the home for showing: handymen, landscapers and clutter reduction specialists
  • Legal considerations: real estate attorneys to help with estate planning or closing
  • Moving: downsizing experts, senior moving specialists, estate sale planners, storage facilities

We also have ties throughout the local senior community. Many agents actively participate in a variety of senior and community service organizations. We can provide referrals to resources such as Meals on Wheels, public benefit offices, transitional services coaches, grief counselors, and other services, as needed.


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