Betton Hills

Betton Hills

Betton Hills is one of Tallahassee’s oldest and finest neighborhoods.

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Nestled close to downtown, between Thomasville and Centerville roads, the single family residences in this neighborhood blend design from old and new Tallahassee. Dramatic changes in elevation and lush vegetation add to the stunning beauty of vistas throughout the neighborhood. Betton Hills is also adorned with four lovely parks, Winthrop, Harriman, Chittenden (Bellamy), and McCord. Each park serves the neighborhood in different ways. Winthrop Park is well-equipped with sporting facilities, a fabulous children’s playground, and beautiful rose gardens. Chittenden, McCord and Harriman Parks feature walking trails, ponds, flower gardens or wildlife habitats. The character of this residential area is considered a valuable resource that is well respected in the Tallahassee community. In 2009, Betton Hills was a City of Tallahassee Neighborhood of the Year!!!

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