To Buy or Not To Buy….

To Buy or Not To Buy….

That really is the main question that I get all the time. Especially in today’s challenging
Tallahassee housing market. Should I buy now, or wait and see if the interest rates will go down
a bit more?

The answer is simple. This truly is a case, to quote my father, of “Don’t Look A Gift Horse In The
Mouth!” The FED is not going any lower. Interest rates are at an all time l

ow. They really are!!!
They are not going lower!!!! Now keep in mind, interest rates very rarely stay stagnant. They
almost always move. Now, if I am correct, and they can’t go any lower (and I am ) then they
will only move UP!!The time to buy is now. Think about it, the rates are now lower than college loans! If you
are looking to purchase a home, do it now. If your move date is not for 12-18 months, my
professional advice is to buy the home now, rent it for a year, and take advantage of a savings
that will amount to tens if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future. And, worry not
about whether or not you can rent the property. Did you know that Tallahassee is one of the
top rental communities in the country??? With the Universities, the State Legislature, and this
being the Capital City, our rental community is vibrant. A nice, clean home, priced correctly, will
rent in Tallahassee in a matter of weeks.To buy or not to buy……..I think the answer is clear. Call us at Pro Players Realty, USA, to
schedule your free buyer’s consultation. 850-942-SOLD.
Pro Players Realty USA Realtors
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