Tallahassee Home Sellers: sell your home faster and at a higher price Tallahassee Homes for sale by Pro Players Realty USA

Tallahassee Homes for sale by Pro Players Realty USA
Tallahassee Homes for sale by Pro Players Realty USA

        As experienced Tallahassee Realtors our customers return to us time and time again to sell their homes. The sales process is arduous and ever changing. Thus, it is our policy that dedicated, professional Realtors are constantly updated on the procedures, laws and trends that directly affect our real estate market. We engage this philosophy by utilizing the state of the art training systems that have been developed by our own educational department.  We follow NAR code of ethics and DBPR rules and regulations.



Our continuous training has allowed us to develop an aggressive marketing campaign that maximizes exposure to qualified buyers while minimizing the time it takes to sell properties. Our marketing system will send you up to date information on your home such as other Tallahassee MLS listings that directly affect the value of your home, all information onTallahassee real estate agents that inquire about or show your home. You are also directly notified of any MLS information that is directly affecting the sale of your home.


Selling your home, in any market, can be a daunting task. In our volatile market this could easily be considered an understatement. However, at PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA we are dedicated to graciously moving people through this process to a result of exciting opportunity. We understand that a home, most likely one’s largest asset, is an item of subjective value. It takes the professionally trained eye to provide an objective point of view in valuing that which is near and dear to the heart of a family.  We build a custom website for all our Tallahassee homes for sale.  We specialize in selling Tallahassee Luxury Homes.



Most sellers who choose not to use a realtor to sell their home do so to try to save money. They think that by not having to pay a commission, they will reduce the cost to sell their home. In reality, sellers who choose not to use a realtor will take home less money than those who do. The National Association of Realtors statistics indicate that homes sold by Realtors average 18% higher sales prices and sell in about half the time than homes sold by owners. If the “For Sale By Owner” saves 6% in commission, then simple math shows that they will still take home 12% less money for selling their home than if they had used a realtor.


By using a dedicated, professional realtor at PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA you will save money in monthly payments and carrying costs by selling your home faster and at a higher price than you could without utilizing our marketing systems.


Please do not hesitate. Call us now!



850-942-SOLD (7653)

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