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Professional negotiation will provide the following benefits for real estate transactions:
1 – Better results and control through higher skill level
2 – More confidence in all negotiation situations, both professional and personal
3 – More persuasion and influence with others, both professional and personal
4 – Better knowledge of how to get more and give less
5 – Better knowledge of how to get important information
6 – Better relationships through trust and collaboration
7 – More pride and professionalism in offering clients superior value
8 – More effective negotiation techniques with all types of negotiators including tough, aggressive negotiators
9 – More repeat business transactions due to higher satisfaction with other party
10 – Fewer or NO deadlocks or lost deals
11 – Better knowledge of how to plan for success
12 – New positive paradigm on negotiation

A common misunderstanding in real estate is that you must contact the agent who has a
property listed in order to have access to that property. This is NOT true!!!

If the property is listed on MLS, or if it is a For Sale By Owner…..don’t call the agent on the sign!
Call one of our dedicated buyers specialists! We can show you and answer any questions you
might have about any property! You need to have your own agent who has the negotiation
skills necessary to provide you the most favorable terms and price on any purchase! The seller
does, why not you?

Call us, 850-942-SOLD (7653)


Pro Players Realty USA Realtors

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