25% Discount Off Our Real Estate Services For Seniors

Pro Players Realty USA is a real estate brokerage that helps people buy and sell real estate anywhere in the US.  We’re offering Seniors benefits  on our services.  You will receive a 25% discount on our commissions if you sell your home with Pro Players Realty USA and a 25% commission credit to the purchase of your new home when you buy with Pro Players Realty USA. For relocations we use referral agents and members will receive a 25% discount off our referral fee.

Member Advantages:  Personal Service, Professional Representation, Expert Negotiating

For example on a $400,000 purchase or sale at 3% commission you’ll receive $3,000 at closing.

Contact John D Stehmeyer for members discounts for sales and Relocation Services today at 850.545.4663

or [email protected]

John Black

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