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Our Tallahassee Realtors can provide professional help and access to Tallahassee MLS search, Tallahassee foreclosure listings and Tallahassee short Sale assistance. We have specialized in Tallahassee homes for sale and Leon County properties for years. Call us we can help.


Our Tallahassee agents have have trained professionally to become win win negotiators. We will always analyze multiple strategies to help our clients find the most advantageous solutions that benefit all parties involved. We lay out multiple options and explain what is best about each one.

We Oversee all the transactional details in the Tallahassee real estate process with professionally trained eyes to be sure everything goes in your favor. We market our Tallahassee homes sellers properties with the most modern tools and procedures available: web 1.0, web 2.0 and lots more. Our Tallahassee real estate team helps Tallahassee home buyers find the best properties for their needs. We take all the time and caution for everyone, regardless of the price range you are shopping in. We will negotiate your best Tallahassee real estate purchase.Tallahassee Luxury home buyers so we feel comfortable telling your friends we can save them time and money. We want to help as many people achieve their real estate goals as we can. Call on us now! You have a friend in the Tallahassee real estate business!

As the recession deepens people often get discouraged. More and more people are out of work and those with 401K’s and other investments watch as their money dwindles. More and more foreclosures become an everyday, every community occurrence. Most people worry. Experienced Investors smile. They know that they can buy homes for sale at record low prices. Maybe the lowest prices in recent history. Especially as an investment. We can not only help you find the right Tallahassee investment property, we can help you prepare that property for maximum value for resale. When the recession deepened, we knew that we had to get better. We take the Tallahassee commercial and Tallahassee residential real estate market and business to a totally new level. With our advice and guidance we’ll stand side-by-side with you, with your investment and with our expert design consultants.

If the property is listed on MLS, or if it is a For Sale By Owner…..don’t call the agent on the sign!

Call one of our dedicated buyers specialists!

We can show you and answer any questions you might have about any property!

Call us at 850-942-Sold (7653)

Luxury Home FOR SALE  with pool Pro Players Realty USA
Luxury Home FOR SALE with pool Pro Players Realty USA


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