State Investment Opportunities with Special Pricing

Our prices on state territories are designed to create a tremendous upside for investors who work with us to build Pro Players Realty USA®.  Demand and value will increase.  Professional athlete involvement will cause a high end community of owners to join us as we transform the real estate brokerage industry that is $92 Billion and rising in the USA.


Getting in a great company opportunity in the early stages leaves room to sell high soon. In these early stages of our company, this strategy is a strong possibility.


The Ultimate Bubble?


The world economy has almost completely moved out of the recession. If you are a researching investor, this is the right time to make your move on choosing the best companies to invest in, they will be the builders of the new economy.


Many tremendous success stories started with VC funding—including Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and Amazon (AMZN)—and many started in down economic cycles.  Smart investment from VC partners during those early, critical stages made it all possible. The early valuations left a monumental upside, adding great value to the investors who could see windows of opportunity that others could not see.


Pro Players Realty USA® has a plan to add significant value to our investors, and give the opportunity for lifetime income with a good exit strategy.


“The one thing I know is that you win with good people.” – Don Shula


Pro Players Realty USA® Systems disrupt the old school real estate franchise way of doing business, by financially rewarding the Realtors, Brokers, and Owners in the company for bringing other people into the company. A 10% ongoing fee is paid from each sale or fee generated by their recruits, applying to Territory and State Sales, New Offices Opening, and Real Estate Transactions. This is significant motivation and inspiration for our members to recruit actively.
Great teamwork is the only way we create breakthroughs that define our careers.” – Pat Riley
Key Advantages to invest in Pro Players Realty USA® now.
  • 2013 State Territory Pricing creates Profit Potential.
  • Original Investors Bonus Program from state sales as they occur
  • Many Professional athletes and real estate people are investing in businesses now.  Get in early.
  • We have interest from over 10 states now
  • Income potential from state sales, ongoing revenues, strategic alliances.
  • Global expansion income potential and partnerships.
  • Unique business model that can create multiple revenue streams for Investors, agents and broker/owners
  • Lifetime Residual Income available at every level in the company.
  • 92 Billion dollar and rising industry in USA.
  • Our business model has grown in Tallahassee, Florida. Office #2 is open now.
  • Systems for greater added value and efficiency to investors, agents and broker/owners.
  • We want to be the most beneficial company for agents and broker owners in the industry, with powerful incentives for each member to grow the organization. Agents really like the advantages.
  • Economically feasible for brokers and state developers, allowing them to diversify and build a business they can sell and maintain with ongoing income streams.
  • Celebrity Owners will make us “The company of choice, networking with the right people.”


This is an opportunity to get in at the top of an upcoming desirable Real Estate Organization in the USA.


A business’s worth is not just in the amount of equipment that it has, the amount of stock or how much money it made last year.  There are also assets that cannot be touched or held.  These assets are called intangibles.  Intangible assets are things like people, knowledge, experience, market position, and untapped client demand. These things can sometimes be just as valuable as the tangible property.  Customer awareness and a strong brand are important to buyers because it means that they will have to invest less money and time into building those things if they already exist on a strong level.


Pro Players Realty USA® will tap into the multitude of professional athletes who need to invest in viable businesses, and the thousands of Real Estate Professionals who want to own their own offices in a company that will pay them for helping build the business, and provides a valuable retirement program.


Many companies and individuals are willing to pay more for a company with a strong brand than for a company with a lot of tangible assets.  You can always buy more “things”, but it’s much hard to buy loyalty with customers.  Keep in mind that while you may get a better price with a strategic buyer, they may have goals different from your own, they may have a powerful emotional attachment to a particular geographical region and strong desire to obtain it.


Trust your gut


Investments often involve conceding control of your resources, so it pays to trust your instincts in determining whether these are individuals you are comfortable working with, and who share a mutual respect and vision for the past, present, and future direction of your capital.


Selling a business and building a successful exit strategy require preparation


You need to have a clear idea of what you want and where you want to go.  Remember, you are talking about planning the next adventure in your life. We want to help our people first and foremost, we realize when we do that, we will all be successful together as a team.  Buy low, let us develop a region with you, sell high later.


Global Expansion


Pro Players Realty USA® is created to be the Brand that will attract and retain quality sales professionals, and owners aggressively building market share; our business model is extremely attractive to agents and broker owners. Pro Players Realty USA® will expand to become a leading provider of Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management services on a national and global basis, while striving to be the best in the real estate industry!


At Pro Players Realty USA® we want to provide and add significant value to our investors. We want them to get return on their investment several times over and ongoing revenues.


We are assembling a community of investors across this nation who will make money and have a sense of teamwork and camaraderie.  People who are happy when others succeed, people who work together and mentor each other as a mastermind group, people who eat together, and take vacations together. This group will add to and multiply the success of our members, not subtract and divide. This group will be financially rewarded every time they bring in a new business owner and have ongoing revenue.


Our group of investors will form global relationships and plant new Pro Players operations across the globe increasing their chances for profitability and new relationships.


Owners earn a 10% residual income bonus on each territory and licensee office they refer to us that opens. Owners who are licensed real estate agents can make 10% of the lifetime sales on agents they bring to the company. Pro Players Realty USA® is designed for Investor professional athletes and real estate professionals to have great careers with residual lifetime income opportunities providing a very comfortable lifestyle and retirement.  Our systems will revolutionize real estate brokerage practices in North America. We will create lifetime brand loyalty from our owners and agents, rewarding them to recruit brokers and agents to our company.


Licensing Opportunities are available, in 45 states.


Action and Timing are required for big success, with the right location it can be monumental!

Pro Players Realty USA Systems disrupt the old school real estate franchise way of doing business, by financially rewarding the Realtors, Brokers, and Owners in the company for bringing other people into the company. A 10% ongoing fee is paid from each sale or fee generated by their recruits, applying to Territory and State Sales, New Offices Opening, and Real Estate Transactions. This is significant motivation and inspiration for our members to recruit actively.

Great teamwork is the only way we create breakthroughs that define our careers.” – Pat Riley

If you had one dollar to invest, would you invest it in an innovator or an entrepreneur? Innovation is crucial to social advancement, but the entrepreneur gets my buck every time. Innovation is about the manifestation of novel ideas, but entrepreneurship is about value creation. Ideas help, but  for entrepreneurs—hard work, ambition, resourcefulness, unconventional thinking, salesmanship, teamwork, leadership and financially rewarding everyone in the company will create synergy and achieve goals.

Innovation without an entrepreneur is like a car without a driver. Entrepreneurs will navigate the road to value creation and growth, with or without innovation.

Indeed, innovators and innovative entrepreneurs fuel phenomenal economic growth by creating entire new industries. They are the disruptive ones. They change the way things are and, by so doing, turbocharge economic activity. Innovation trumps entrepreneurship when it comes to economic growth. Don’t get me wrong. Entrepreneurship matters, but innovation and innovative entrepreneurs matter more. Here’s why.

Eighty-eight percent of the world’s entrepreneurs succeed through “exceptional execution of an ordinary idea” (meaning one that’s already succeeded somewhere else in the world), according to research by Amar Bhidé, an entrepreneurship guru and author of The Origin and Evolution of New Businesses. By contrast, the other 12 percent of the world’s entrepreneurs succeeded by executing on “an unusual or extraordinary idea” (usually their own).

Let’s look at one historical innovation that produced more than 100 years of substantial economic success.

In 1884, George Eastman launched an economic growth engine by patenting the first film in roll form, and then, in 1900, he single-handedly created mass-market photography by inventing the Brownie camera. His innovative ideas, especially the Brownie camera, started an economic wave of success that spread from Rochester, N.Y., to the rest of world for a century. The tragic ending of Kodak’s century of success, however, underscores the dilemma that any company or country faces in search of growth. Innovative ideas spark new markets and strong economic growth, while the repetitive reliance on well-known ideas ultimately stalls and crashes. Kodak failed to learn this lesson fast enough and went bankrupt in the process.

In short, entrepreneurship fuels economic growth, but it’s the disruptive innovators of the world who turbocharge it.

Although frequently portrayed in the media as irrational risk takers, the truth is that most people who decide to start their own small business are actually quite risk averse. Rather than spontaneously lunging at the latest fad, entrepreneurs have proven to be much more pragmatic, launching their company in response to what they see as a unique window of opportunity to exploit an unfulfilled need in the marketplace. If there is a step by step action plan, with sufficient market demand, results can be significantly positive.

When individuals like this make the decision to seek out additional capital to fuel their expansion, they do so with the same measured consideration, research, and rigor used when starting their firm in the first place. This article is designed to fast-track those entrepreneurs who have weighed the pros and cons of various investment sources, and have decided to pursue private equity to help accelerate the growth of their wealth.

Find Your Niche

The good news/bad news reality for entrepreneurs and investors searching  for small businesses to for firms to buy private equity is that, well, there just aren’t that many that truly fit the bill. While a cursory Google search will list pages of firms that bookend the investment space (focusing on either micro-funding fresh startup ventures OR injecting $20 – $100M into mid-market firms), there are very few that actually focus on this market niche to the exclusion of others.

History Is Important

Once a short list of firms has been compiled, the next consideration is to evaluate results. Companies that remain in the private equity space year after year do so because they have figured out a formula that works. The real estate sales and property management services business will always have significant demand in every type of market.

Know Your Buyer

Just as you would take into account your targeted customer base, you want to take into account your potential buyers. Financial buyers are very prominent and they are specifically looking for businesses that they can buy using debt financing.  This means that they will only pay a percentage of the asking price.  They are looking for cash flow, cash flow, cash flow.  They want a business that will allow them to maximize their profits in a minimum amount of time.  Financial buyers are less interested in building a brand and continuing with a service than they are in making deals.

Strategic buyers on the other hand, expect synergies with their holdings.  This means that they are looking to buy a business that already fits within the model that they are building.  They are willing to pay more if a business lines up with their needs.  Because they have already built a small string of businesses, they can afford to pay a premium price.

Selling a business and building a successful exit strategy are both about getting your ducks in a row.

You need to have a clear idea of what you want and where you want to go.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help and be prepared to let go of the business you have worked so hard for.  Remember, you are talking about planning the next adventure in your life. We want to help our people first and foremost, we realize when we do that, we will all be successful together as a team.  Buy low, let us develop a region with you, sell high later.

We  seek celebrities and organizations with lots of  business contacts and experience, so all NFL, NBA and MLB owners and players are invited to be part owners of our organization. We are going nationwide in the USA then branch to Canada and Europe. We seek equity investments to accelerate company growth.

We believe we have the best programs for agents and broker/owners in the industry. Our systems grow lifetime residual income at every level in the company. Our low entree fees, modern growth strategies and efficient management systems, make this company the place of choice for growing a real estate brokerage. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA will be highly sought after company, and rewarding to  operate.

Some statistics to consider

With initial public offerings (IPOs) few and far between last year 2012,private equity (PE) investors relied on deals in the open market (55.16 per cent, against 29.16 per cent in 2011) and secondary sales (27.50 per cent, compared with 19.34 per cent in 2011) for exits. IPOs accounted for 4.37 per cent of the exits, compared with 3.89 per cent in 2011; exits through buybacks stood at 2.46 per cent, against 10.73 per cent in 2011.

According to VCCEdge data, in the period between January 1 and December 28, there were 137 exits worth $4,433 million, while in 2011, 123 exits had accounted for $2,953 million.

In 2012, there were 49 open market deals worth $2,445 million, against 41 deals worth $861 million in 2011. Secondary sales saw 20 deals worth $1,219 million, while in 2011, there were 17 deals worth $571 million. Last year, there were four exits through IPOs, with a deal value of $194 million, compared with 13 worth $115 million in 2011. The buyback route saw 17 deals worth $109 million against 22 deals worth $317 million in 2011.

Despite the ongoing crisis in the Eurozone and other challenging economic conditions, research shows that private equity (PE) investor sentiment is optimistic. PE fundraising picked up momentum in the second quarter and PE funds raised aggregate capital of $143 billion in the first half of 2012, a slight increase over the second half of 2011.

The optimistic investor sentiment is perhaps justified given that private equity annualized horizon returns over 10 years to December 2011 stand at 11.9%, above that of the S&P 500 index. As per a Preqin report, the total assets under management held by private equity funds worldwide reached $3trn at the end of 2011, a 9% increase over the previous year.

Despite the increase in the funds, investors are also displaying caution as just 23% in a Preqin survey expect to invest in new funds in the next 12 months. The top attraction for investment is distressed PE funds. In terms of regions, North America has been found to be the most attractive followed by Asia and Europe. Although 24% of the investors said Europe is not much attractive at present, some investors in the survey said it does present strong opportunities in the long-term.

Pro Players Realty USA is built on the principal of building win-win situations for all parties involved in the real estate business. With better served clients, and unprecedented effortless growth, the results will be maximum long term profits. Pro Players Realty USA  systems are made to benefit broker owners and agents more than  Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Franchise Models.

Key success factors within this industry include (1) Effective promotion (advertising campaigns to promote the realty business and the property listings), (2) Cost control, (3) Networking & Contacts success, (4) Expertise of operators, (5) Clear definition of strategic goals, (Agent recruiting, agent retention, maximizing sales volume, etc.) and (6) Location.

Licensing opportunities are available, in 45 states (ND, MD, HI, RI and WA these states will be available soon, inquire for more info.)

Management will position the Company to have the opportunity to take advantage of potential exit opportunities that would ensure liquidity for the owners.  The strategy is to build the business over the next 5 years along a path of sustained profitability, with strong operating margins.  In addition, the Company will license exclusive rights to entire states (e.g. California, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois) These investments will create both the opportunity for further national (and international) expansion.

Contact John D.Stehmeyer for regional and individual licenses, as well as becoming involved in our  company that will help many people be successful.

“We are Dedicated Professionals”

Best Regards

John D Stehmeyer CEO
2732 Capital Circle Northeast
Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Skype   ProPlayersRealty.John
850-942-SOLD (7653)


Let’s be the Best!

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