Investors wanted We can work through Brokers, Professional Athletes, Realtors, Sports Agents, and Team Owners.

 Pro Players Realty USA 

Pro Players Realty USA  will expand to become a leading provider of Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management services on a national and global basis. In developing PPR, CEO John D.Stehmeyer has strategically prepared the Company to make serious strides into the future, especially in structuring the agent and licensee programs, positioning for celebrities, athletes, and other “Pro Players” to join the PPR team, building a licensing model with proper incentives, and potential franchising.

Pro Players Realty USA is created to be the Brand that can Trump the competition through building a recognizable name utilizing true Pro Players who become involved in Ownership , Promotion and Sales.

 Pro Players Realty will receive much attention and rapid growth from our Celebrity Owners and their well connected networks,they hold the key to our overnight success, our systems and the way we treat people will sustain it.

We want to be the most beneficial company for agents and broker owners in the industry, with powerful incentives for  each member to grow the organization.

 Pro Players Realty USA expects that it can sell the long-term licensing rights, state by state, for millions of dollars, and create substantial passive residual income.

Each territory and state sold will have a 10% bonus to the  pro players member who attracted the buyer/licensee, along with a lifetime 10% passive residual income generated from that territory.

Pro Players Realty USA is designed for professional athletes and real estate professionals to have great careers with residual lifetime income opportunities.

We can work through Brokers, Professional Athletes, Realtors, Sports Agents, and Team Owners.

Pro Players Realty USA is built on the principal of building win-win situations for all parties involved in the real estate Business, Practicing Excellence and Professional Dedication with the highest standards.

Management will position the Company to have the opportunity to take advantage of potential exit opportunities that would ensure liquidity for the owners.  The strategy is to build the business over the next 5 years along a path of sustained profitability, with strong operating margins and make it an attractive acquisition target.  In addition, the Company will begin licensing exclusive rights to entire states or territories  (e.g. California, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois) These investments will create both the opportunity for further national (and international) expansion and a partial liquidity event for investors.  We will repay the original investment to Series A Investors, in 3 or more installments from these sales, and they maintain their equity position.

 We have our business plan and financial model on our GUST Profile, I feel we can exceed these projections.
Thanks again and I hope  you and your network will work with Pro Players Realty USAI am very available to talk with you.
John D. Stehmeyer
Broker CEO

Office (850) 942-SOLD (7653)
3501 Martin Hurst Rd, Tallahassee FL 32312

“Moving Mountains Together!”

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