Grow your existing Independent REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE with Pro Players Realty USA. Real Estate Franchise Opportunity alternative.

Grow your existing Independent REAL ESTATE BROKERAGE with Pro Players Realty USA
Pro Players Realty USA is built on the principle of building win-win situations for all parties involved in each real estate business. With better served clients, and unprecedented effortless growth, the results will be maximum long term profits.
We believe we have the best programs for agents and broker/owners in the industry. Our systems grow lifetime residual income at every level in the company. Our low entree fees, and modern growth strategies, make this company the place of choice for growing a real estate brokerage. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA will be to the Real Estate Broker Owner, the best business model and the most profitable to operate.
Independent Brokers tend to have difficult circumstances while trying to remain profitable and having time for a personal life.  PPR is designed with the tools and systems to meet these requirements, at a cost to the broker below the traditional real estate franchise model. Our model helps brokers  in good and bad markets.   Pro Players Realty USA  systems are made to benefit broker owners and agents more than  Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Franchise Models ; and provides the independent broker with a business that can pay off after retirement.
We have a simple test to ensure all our Licensees have clients and company best interests in mind before we award a territory.
Our systems will revolutionize real estate brokerage practices in North America. We will create lifetime brand loyalty from our agents, at the same time rewarding them to recruit agents to our company.    Owners can also earn a 10% residual income bonus on each territory and licensee office they refer to us that opens. Owners who are licensed real estate agents can make 10% of the lifetime sales on agents they bring to the company. Pro Players Realty USA is designed for professional athletes and real estate professionals to have great careers with residual lifetime income opportunities providing a very comfortable lifestyle and retirement. Our fees are $295. monthly, or a prepay option of $12,000. for 5 years; with Transaction Fees of $186. each sale under $250,000. $286. for sales between $250,000. and $500,000. $386. on sales over $500,000. Our fees are that simple, we want you to make more money with our systems, and create lifetime income for you and your people.
Key success factors within this industry include (1) Effective promotion (advertising campaigns to promote the realty business and the property listings), (2) Cost control, (3) Networking & Contacts success, (4) Expertise of operators, (5) Clear definition of strategic goals, (Agent recruiting, agent retention, maximizing sales volume, etc) and (6) Location.
We also seek celebrities and organizations with lots of athlete contacts and experience, so all NFL, NBA and MLB owners are invited to be part owners of our organization.We are going nationwide in the USA then branch to Canada and Europe. We seek investments to kick start this great company and take up partial ownership.
This is a great opportunity to get in at the top of an upcoming desirable Real Estate Organization in the USA. On going licensing opportunities are available, in all but 5 states (States where it does not work are ND, MD, HI, RI and WA).
Our programs at PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA are very powerful and we want you to take full advantage of them.

Note from our CEO to Real Estate Broker Owners:
Contact John D.Stehmeyer for regional and individual license rights and business building assistance.
I  respect  your consideration to build your business into a business that can provide Residual Lifetime Income with PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA.
I look forward  meeting with you  soon for a  personal introduction and business planning  session.
Respectfully dedicated, “I will help you”.
John D. Stehmeyer Realtor Broker CEO
3501 Martin Hurst Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32312
Skype   ProPlayersRealtyUSA.John

850.942.SOLD   (7653)
Call me at 850-942-Sold  (7653)

Investors wanted We can work through Brokers, Professional Athletes, Realtors, Sports Agents, and Team Owners.

 Pro Players Realty USA 

Pro Players Realty USA  will expand to become a leading provider of Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management services on a national and global basis. In developing PPR, CEO John D.Stehmeyer has strategically prepared the Company to make serious strides into the future, especially in structuring the agent and licensee programs, positioning for celebrities, athletes, and other “Pro Players” to join the PPR team, building a licensing model with proper incentives, and potential franchising.

Pro Players Realty USA is created to be the Brand that can Trump the competition through building a recognizable name utilizing true Pro Players who become involved in Ownership , Promotion and Sales.

 Pro Players Realty will receive much attention and rapid growth from our Celebrity Owners and their well connected networks,they hold the key to our overnight success, our systems and the way we treat people will sustain it.

We want to be the most beneficial company for agents and broker owners in the industry, with powerful incentives for  each member to grow the organization.

 Pro Players Realty USA expects that it can sell the long-term licensing rights, state by state, for millions of dollars, and create substantial passive residual income.

Each territory and state sold will have a 10% bonus to the  pro players member who attracted the buyer/licensee, along with a lifetime 10% passive residual income generated from that territory.

Pro Players Realty USA is designed for professional athletes and real estate professionals to have great careers with residual lifetime income opportunities.

We can work through Brokers, Professional Athletes, Realtors, Sports Agents, and Team Owners.

Pro Players Realty USA is built on the principal of building win-win situations for all parties involved in the real estate Business, Practicing Excellence and Professional Dedication with the highest standards.

Management will position the Company to have the opportunity to take advantage of potential exit opportunities that would ensure liquidity for the owners.  The strategy is to build the business over the next 5 years along a path of sustained profitability, with strong operating margins and make it an attractive acquisition target.  In addition, the Company will begin licensing exclusive rights to entire states or territories  (e.g. California, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois) These investments will create both the opportunity for further national (and international) expansion and a partial liquidity event for investors.  We will repay the original investment to Series A Investors, in 3 or more installments from these sales, and they maintain their equity position.

 We have our business plan and financial model on our GUST Profile, I feel we can exceed these projections.
Thanks again and I hope  you and your network will work with Pro Players Realty USAI am very available to talk with you.
John D. Stehmeyer
Broker CEO

Office (850) 942-SOLD (7653)
3501 Martin Hurst Rd, Tallahassee FL 32312

“Moving Mountains Together!”

Best Real Estate Model in USA PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA

Best Real Estate Model in USA PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA

We are  making our Realtors very successful and profitable.  Our primary goal is to create a program for Realtors in our organization that have the advantage of multiple streams of income, that lasts a lifetime and pay days between closings. The world is a tough place to survive, we had to be tougher and go the extra steps. We are Pro Players!

We have gone to great expense to develop such a system.  Our Retirement Features are the finest available.

Welcome to PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA!  We are Dedicated to your success.

We solve the Realtor’s need for cash flow between closings, major medical group healthcare and a substantial retirement income stream, all without huge fees.  Our Realtors are our priority.

Apply  Now to the Company with no fees, high commissions, health care  and LIFETIME INCOME


John Stehmeyer, CEO, has evaluated four of the major  companies in this industry and designed the PPR systems to outperform them,  in down and up markets. The business model of Past Icons is losing market share.

Because of lifetime recruitment incentives, and other advantages, our agents and celebrity owners will build this company. The attraction and retention of high quality agents is vital to profitability and longevity. We will be the most desirable real estate company in the USA and beyond.


Pro Players will pay for your For Sale Signs, Business Cards, and First 10 Lockboxes.
We have no monthly fees paid to the company. We offer high commissions, personalized education and career training for success. Every sale you make we pay 5% of company funds into your IRA, and if you match we match again, totalling 10% of company money!

You can sponsor agents into our company and be paid 10% of All their sales here lifetime, even after you retire through our referral company PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA FLORIDA INC.

Contractor agrees, in a professional manner, to use his or her best efforts to procure real estate related business for Company Commercial and Residential. Contractor shall be responsible for paying all license fees, and membership dues. Contractor must maintain and be in good standing with FREC, FAR, NAR and the Tallahassee Board of Realtors.

Contractor agrees to provide the highest quality service possible and will help make PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA  a company customers ask for by name.

My desire is for you and your career to be very successful, going beyond your current vision.  You and I can now be on the same team.  Our business development process is designed for the dedicated professional to achieve greatness.  Our culture is not that of agent ego, but of team spirit and cooperation. Teams are open now for new agents.

My vision for our company and team, is for everyone to have very substantial residual lifetime income, income you earn in the early stages and it continuously supports you.  I want to help everybody very clearly identify what they want out of life, create a realistic plan to get there, anticipating     the obstacles and milestones on their path to victory.

I have that thoroughly covered for you. I have studied the top real estate companies in the USA and Canada, attending broker retreats and researching systems.  Our programs at PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA are very powerful and I want you to take full advantage of them.   I applaud you in your consideration to join PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA, I look forward to our future successes, and warmly invite  you to join our team!

I am excited to meet with you very soon for a one on one personal introduction and brainstorming session.

Respectfully dedicated, “I will help you”.

John D. Stehmeyer Realtor Broker CEO
3501 Martin Hurst Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32312
Call me at 850-942-Sold  (7653)

Training: Pro Players agents stay ahead of trends, tools and topics in the real estate industry through their access to Pro Players University.  The comprehensive training curriculum prepares our agents to serve you at the highest level.
Group Attention: Unlike other real estate companies, PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA was designed to reward agents for working together. At our core, we believe that we are all more successful if we strive towards a common goal, rather than our individual interests. And, that goal is to serve you, our client, at the highest level possible.
Dependability: PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA was founded on the principles of trust and honesty, emphasizing the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing and always putting your needs first. Our agents realize that their success is ultimately determined by the legacy we leave with each client we serve.
Effectiveness: Leading-edge technology solutions accelerate our associates’ efficiency and productivity.


Powerful Programs and Tools Available

Awards and Recognition Programs

Custom Business Plan

Marketing materials professionally branded to the agent

Join a Team now

Training suited to the individual’s career goals and business plan

Personality Profiles

Search Engine Marketing

Powerful Social Media Campaigns

Lead Management System

Agent website

Company blog participation

Referral Network

Mobile Technology

Custom  Email Marketing

Target Marketing tuned to your business plan

Giving Back to the Community we sponsor the Ameriacn Cancer Society, American Veterans, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes to name a few.

Customer Satisfaction

Celebrity Attention on an upcoming company

Apply  Now to the Company with no fees, high commissions, health care  and LIFETIME INCOME


Call John D. Stehmeyer  at 850-942-Sold (7653)

For a confidential interview and look at how good your career can be.

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