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Things Improve… Across the Pond

Some non-local world news:  China’s real estate boom continues.  3Q profits of the major players all reported a large incraese in profit.

Some analysts think the 4 BRIC nations (emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India, and China) will lead the global economic recover.  Maybe the real estate markets will follow a similar pattern.  Maybe we’ll see recovery there first before US/Europe.

The Real Deal is now the Lean Green Fighting Machine

Holyfield continues his quest to retire as the undisputed heavy weight champion of the world.  Thus far his quest hasn’t taken him anywhere.  He has however decided to build, in a partnership with Global NES-Georgia, a 40-acre solar energy farm on this suburban Atlanta estate.  This comes after two years of financial woes for the former champion.

Even the famous were hit hard by the current economic/ real estate crisis.  Holyfield recieved two foreclosure notices on his mansion.  Perhaps this time, perhaps going green will work out for the heavy hitter.

Be Remembered by Being Remarkable

The key to a successful real estate agent, and any business really, is being remarkable.  Remarkable is all about exceeding expectations.  You do this by endearing yourself to clients, by doing something original.

People talk.  Impress them enough and your business will go viral.  The best part about viral is that it quickly becomes your best advertiser.  If you, your business, or your product generate buzz that buzz will do more for your profit margins than any TV, print or radio advertisement ever would.

Be original.  Be remarkable.  You’ll be remembered.

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