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In today’s Tallahassee Real Estate Market as you may know very well there is much much more inventory on the market then there are home buyers! This is even more salient when you’re considering selling a luxury home in Tallahassee. When selling your home it is very difficult to remove the emotional aspect from the equation. However this is necessary! One must consider that buyers in today’s market do not care about the personal situation of any particular seller. Buyers do not care about how much money a seller will be bringing to the closing table. Buyers do not care about the family kinship that people may have with the home. Buyers consider one thing and one thing only: is this the best house that I can get for the lowest amount of money?
Buyers know that there is many more homes for sale in Tallahassee then there are buyers! Therefore, when you’re selling your house you must price your house according to what the selling market says. Not what your neighbor has priced their house at but what your other neighbors have SOLD their house at! In today’s market, you must have your house priced at the lowest point in the selling market and it must be in the best condition! Or it will not sale!!!!
Luxury homes in Tallahassee are difficult to sell only because people are uneducated as to how to sell them!

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Relocation! Bring Offer Soon! Most of the expensive items have been recently replaced. Including roof, HVAC, Windows, exterior Doors and drain field. This house has good potential. On a pond, privacy fenced large backyard with extra large deck. Pond is supposed to be redone by Leon County very soon. Call for showing!

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Tax Credit Officially Extended

Obama just signed the Homebuyer Tax Credit Extension, making the $8,000 tax credit available through April 30, 2010.   Earlier in the week the Senate passed this bill unanimously and while the House of Representatives voted 403 to 12 in favor of the stimulus plan.

As part of an Tallahassee economic stimulus package, the tax credit that’s been available this year to first-time homebuyers will be extended, but a new addition to the package is now being offered to current homeowners.   For those who have lived in their home for 5 or more years, a $6,500 tax credit is now available.   Income limits have been raised as well, from $75,000 for a single homeowner to $125,000 and $125,000 for a couple to $225,000.

Inspired by this plan, we’re offering a Tallahassee buyers package.  This is a free home warranty or inspection, valued at $400.00.  If you’re interested visit Pro Players Realty and call us for details.

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