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Relocation Services

Finding and moving into a home is often stressful, especially when relocating to a new city. Pro Players Realty USA relocation services will help your valued employee, and their family, find a perfect home and transition effortlessly.  Trusting Pro Players Realty USA’s experience, reach, extensive networks and relationships allows everyone in your business to calmly remain focused and productive.

Pro Players Realty USA Relocation Services





Relocation services are an important way to minimize costs and effort while maintaining high standards for your business. Pro Players Realty USA offers assistance with everything from learning about the area, finding a home, prepping for arrival and even helping with departure. Each step will be tailored to meet the unique needs and interest of the transferee and their family. We act as your intermediary and point of contact through every step of the relocation process to offer support and keep things running smoothly. Once the move is finalized we make sure everyone is happily settled.

The benefits:

  • Save money: No added overhead or resources eliminating the cost of managing a relocation process. We find you the best deals on homes and services.
  • Save time: Our experience and network allows us to provide what you need, in the shortest amount of time, for the least amount of money.
  • Maintain employee productivity: Our in depth consultation and continued follow through minimizes stress and allows you and your employee to stay focused on business and remain productive during a move.
  • Provide professional experience & insight: The wealth of knowledge our agents posses is specifically targeted to help with all aspects of moving. Our many years of experience and dedication to our clients make us uniquely qualified to coordinate your relocation program.
  • Stay competitive: Our personalized program can make your organization more appealing when recruiting new talent and offering incentives to current employees.

Making the Decision

Making the decision to relocate is not just about the job; there are many factors to be considered. Whether the transferee is a current employee, or a possible recruit, a decision to take a position may depend on the impact the move will have on a current lifestyle. The needs of the whole family play a part, especially a partner’s ability to replace their employment. Players Realty USA will help the transferee evaluate realistically how their new location will work for them and their family. We provide a overview of local information including available job markets, schools, places of worship, even activities and shopping. After the consultation our agents will provide customized insight into the local market, an assessment of cost of living, comparative benefits in target industries and information on extras like nonprofit groups and volunteering.

Finding a Home

Once the decision to relocate has been made Pro Players Realty USA will connect your employee with a qualified local agent. Finding suitable housing is vital first step to the overall success of the assignment. Buying or renting a home requires a great deal of knowledge, especially when moving to an unfamiliar area. Pro Players Realty USA will work proactively with the transferee and local agent during all parts of the home search. We will make profile based on the unique needs of the employee and their family. This assessment will take into account market availability, prices, location and even style preference. Once properties have been selected we will discuss each one to make sure they will be a good match. Throughout the process we will ask questions regarding property condition, neighborhood and other factors important to the family. Pro Players Realty USA will work continually as your advocate and intermediary to find the right place in the right community.

Planning the Move

The key to any successful move is planning. Pro Players Realty USA will consult with all parties to ensure a smooth transition, assisting with each phase of the relocation process. This information will allow us to make their arrival and first few days a success. Drawing from our many years of experience our team will help the transferee navigate the many steps involved in packing up and relocating. Whether it’s how to wrap a glass top table or tips on traveling with pets and kids; we will be there to ensure the whole family arrives with everything they need.

Orienting to the Area

Pro Players Realty USA knows acclimating to a new location is a crucial first step to feeling at home. While our involvement will depend on each transferee’s needs it can include: assistance with purchasing a vehicle, opening a bank account, registering for school, introduction to clubs and even securing a gardener. Our support will be ongoing, addressing critical issues before they come up. Local agents will provide details on everything the transferee and their family needs. Information can be provided regarding local medical facilities, dining, entertainment, sporting events and worship services. This could also include an overview of local hobbies, favorite family activities and networking options, even map an overview of historic places of interest.

As a family-oriented company we know the importance of a smooth transition for children. Maintaining consistency helps them to adjust. A school that allows them to thrive and succeed is vital. One key aspect of our orientation addresses education requirements. Based on those requirements, we will develop a list of schools meeting the children’s academic, artistic and athletic interests. Our objective is help the children enter their new home and school with the best possible experience.


Sometimes a move is sudden but even if the date has long been planned it can create a few loose ends. Pro Players Realty USA is always available to lend a hand on both sides of the relocating process. When leaving the current home we will assist with making sure everything is wrapped up cleanly. Providing advice and help with lease termination, home inspections, account closure and utilities disconnection. Our agents are not temporary faces interested only in a commission. The goal of Pro Players Realty USA is to build a strong relationship founded on quality service and make relocating a pleasurable experience.

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