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Property Management Services

Why Choose Pro Players Realty USA Property Management (PPRUSAPM)?

Our Beliefs are focused on people!

  • We are dedicated to the belief that service is the most important thing we do.
  • We know a well managed community produces the best returns for our owners.
  • We know that excellent employees, compensated well, are the key to our success.
  • We believe our residents deserve clean, well maintained homes.
  • We know a well maintained community produces the happiest residents.

All PPRUSAPM Property Managers are Licensed professionals.  Our PPRUSAPM staff offers a full range of property management services from tenant placement to complete monthly management.

Our Tenant Placement and Monthly Property Management Services Include:

  • Property evaluation and recommendations
  • Experienced team able to respond to your needs promptly and professionally
  • Timely Rent Collections
  • After hours contact
  • Monthly bill paying
  • Property maintenance and repair
  • Implementation of an emergency plan for the property in the event of a disaster affecting the property
  • Full accounting through Pro Players Realty USA with monthly statements
  • Innovative marketing systems and advertising including Craig’s List, MLS, Trullia, Zillow and more
  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening Process including full credit reports, background checks, extensive rental references, verification of employment and personal references
  • Personal showings of each property with an agent. (We DO NOT check out keys!)
  • Move-in inspection with documentation of the property condition in writing and with time stamped digital photos with the new tenant.
  • 6 month property inspections and enforcement of lease terms
  • Corporate and Relocation Clients
  • Collections: of the first’s month’s rent and security deposit at signing of a Pro Players Realty USA PM lease with a complete move-in inspection with documentation of the property condition in writing and with time stamped digital photos with the new tenant.


Our Property Management fees are very reasonable, and we offer special rates for owners of multiple rental properties.

Full Management Service placement fee is 50% of one months rent.  There is a $200 signing fee for leases and lease renewals.

A Placement fee of 65% of one month’s rent if monthly management is not included.

The Full Management fee is 8-10% of the gross monthly rent. If the monthly rent is $1200 or below our fee is 10%, $1201-$1500 our fee is 9%, $1501 and above our Full Management fee is a very competitive 8%!!!

Full Management Service Includes: (All placement services plus the following)

  • Extensive tenant screening
  • Collection of first month and security deposit
  • Monthly collection of rents
  • Maintenance Calls: on owner’s behalf with owner approval, if the client threshold has been exceeded
  • Handling requests for repairs and maintenance
  • Arranging and making payment for required repairs or maintenance work
  • Providing a Monthly Statement: Owners receive a monthly accounting of all income and expenses, copies of all receipts and disbursements of funds
  • Market Survey to establish current fair market rental rates
  • Paying owner’s monthly mortgage payment/ (optional)
  • Paying owner’s property taxes, insurance or other payments as instructed. (optional)
  • Paying to owner or depositing to owner’s account amounts received in excess of required disbursements
  • Providing owner with fully itemized and computerized monthly reports and year-end accounting statements
  • Periodic inspections of the property during lease in order to ensure proper maintenance
  • Arranging tenant notices and evictions when necessary
  • A final inspection and closing statement, upon tenants vacating the property

Retail and industrial leasing opportunities have the ability to offer a source of income to owners and investors. When you’re ready to list your property for sale or for lease, a PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management professional will be standing by to help you learn how to realize its profit potential. Our sales professionals have the ability to offer complete support, in house, so that your investment maintains a competitive edge in today’s market. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management representatives will develop a strategy that concentrates on tenant retention and planning for future occupancy prior to term vacancies.

Marketing programs are available that will help you and your agent identify targeted tenants already in the immediate and surrounding areas, utilizing our rich population of students, young professionals, government workers, and seasonal legislative clientele to garner interest in your property. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management representatives have access to training tools that allow us to successfully market the right property to the right tenant and ensures that the facilities will meet client requirements. Leads can also be developed through mailers, advertisements, and direct contact with prospective clients. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management offices have access to their own network of other prominent PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA firms, as well as private and institutional clients who provide an excellent inventory of potential tenants. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management professionals will handle all negotiations, coordinate planning and document review with the attorneys to facilitate a rapid and successful leasing program.

Rental payments

It’s important to us at PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management (PPRUSAPM) that you have an easy, secure and fast way to pay your rent online.

• Payments are processed the same day

• Pay from the comfort of your home or office

• If you are out of town you can login and pay

Notice of Payment Terms: 
Electronic payments not received by the due date are subject to all fees under the terms of the Lease Agreement. Partial payments will NOT be accepted.

Pay Rent Now (coming soon)

Owners Services

In order to maximize the pool of available tenants, PPRUSAPM maintains membership in the  Multiple Listing Association (MLS) and cooperates with local property managers, real estate brokers, and relocation companies. In addition PPRUSAPM maintains membership in the National Association of Residential Property Managers. This gives us access to over 14000 real estate professionals as well as over 2600 property managers nationwide, which facilitates a tremendous relocation and referral network.

Our Property Management Rental Procedure

Home Rental Steps

1.Pick up current rental list (or view them on this web-site)

2. Drive by the property to make sure you like the unit, neighborhood, etc.

3. Call to make a showing appointment.

4. Fill out application

5. Wait for approval

6. Sign lease & pay security deposit

7. Pay Rent FIRST then…..Move in!

Questions? Call us at 850.942.7653

Rental Application process and information

Rental eligibility is based upon verification of identity, employment history, qualifying income, rental history and credit history.

A completed application and application fee for all persons 18 years of age and older who will be residing in the unit. Our application fee is $40 per person, if, as in the case with many student rentals due to the lack of employment or rental history, there is a parent cosigner, then a nonrefundable $40 application fee will be do for each and every cosigner. The non-refundable fee is required of each applicant before the application will be processed. The fee covers the cost of credit checks, eviction & criminal reports, staff time, phone/fax charges and tenant screening services which includes checking public civil and criminal records.

Other Requirements:

*Valid Picture ID (Drivers License, resident alien card, Passport) NOTE: We cannot start processing the application until we receive a copy of each applicant’s ID!

*Employment verification by employer and pay stubs or W2.

*Verifiable income must be 3 times the amount of the rent or a different income threshold determined by the property owner, our recommendation is 3 times, but you may require more or less.

*No conviction for any crime that involved any offense against property, persons, government officials, or that involved firearms, illegal drugs, criminal street gang activity or sex crimes.

*No evictions or utilities that have gone to collection.

*Signatures of all applicants on all required areas of each page. Without written in changes or crossed out clauses. Our paperwork has been vetted by multiple attorneys who are members of the Bar and in good standing.

Credit reports remain the sole property of PPRUSA , Inc.

Any false information submitted on an application will be cause for automatic denial or subsequent eviction.

If approved, the application is good for all the properties we offer for six (6) months. The full security deposit is required at the time of signing if accepted. We will not allow tenants to make partial security deposits for any period of time. Tenants who cannot afford security deposits can be a red flag for future financial difficulties.

We do not accept Section 8.

To download our Application, Click Here

Property Management Services

Does your property bring you Profits or Problems?

Utilizing our service brings the following:

  • Comprehensive expertise and knowledge of local laws and market conditions.
  • Exposure to over 14,000 real estate professionals.
  • Advertising on the Internet.
  • Detailed records and accounting reports.
  • Professional screening of tenants.
  • Professional relationship with tenants.
  • Reduction in tenant turnover and increased occupancy rates through strict screening and constant supervision.
  • Efficient rent collections.


Send an email to

Thank you for your interest in our management services. If you would like to receive an information package on our services, please complete and submit the following information or call us at 850.942.7653 for Homeowner or Condominium Associations.

Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Email Address:
Preferred Method of Delivery: – Please select one – Email Mail Telephone Fax
Type of Property: Single Family Duplex Tri-Plex 4-Plex Multi Family Individual Condo Townhouse Other
Address of the Property:
Number of Units:

Pro Players Realty USA Property Management is dedicated to providing an informative and rewarding experience for the owners and tenants of commercial real estate. We give owners and tenants a hands free experience by using over two decades of Commercial Property Management expertise.

By choosing Pro Players Property Management, you ensure that your investment is being managed by someone who possesses a dedication to you and to the property management industry as a whole.

We see that different properties need different approaches to property management plans and our team is flexible and innovative. We look for opportunities to market “outside of the box” and we come together to create campaigns that offer effective solutions for marketing commercial property in our region. One of the ways we accomplish that is through not only educating our agents, but teaching our public as well! We offer Eat as you Learn luncheons every month where a much need Noon hour lunch is provided and a presentation from professionals in real estate, property management, insurance, contracting, real estate law, home inspections, home warranties, and much more! The opportunity to cross market your properties is truly great when you meet other like minded people.

You can take great pleasure in knowing that our experience, training and education is your success. Contact us for more information on managing your commercial property.

Our Tenant Services

Available rental information:

Information on available rentals can be obtained by calling or emailing our office or accessing our website.

Changing current roommate information:

In order to make a change to your lease, please call our office to speak to an agent who can explain this process. All parties involved in the current contract will be required to sign the necessary documents. An informative procedures and guidelines form is available for download on our ‘Applications and Forms’ page.

Tenant Sub Leasing information:

Subleasing is when all or some current tenants are working to move out of the unit before the agreed upon lease is up. A Sublease Request form is available for download from our ‘Applications and Forms’ page. This document explains the subleasing procedure and has to be signed by all current tenants. You may also pick up this form in our office and speak with an agent.

Maintenance for Renters

There are several ways a current tenant can contact us to report needed maintenance:

  • Contact the office directly from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday
  • Emergency after-hours answering service is also available at 850.942.7653
  • Email us at Please be sure to include your complete address including apartment number, a detailed description of the problem, and your contact information. Emails will not be received until the next business day, so in the event of an emergency please call the above listed answering service.

Pest Control for Renters

To deal with insects and other pests we use an outside company who will correspond with the current tenant and find a time to remedy the problem that works best for you. Email us at with the following information:

  • Your name and other people we may contact to solve issues
  • Your address and unit number
  • Phone number and email address, with best time to reach you
  • What species of bugs/critters and their locations for each kind
  • Approximate amount of each insect or critters seen

Or give us a call with this information at 850.942.7653 between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday.


Sample Eviction Timeline

This is a Sample Timeline of a Typical Eviction due to Non-Payment of Rent. This is a sample only and the timeline and actual procedure may be different in an actual eviction.
Day 1-5 —Rent due.
Day 6-7—Phone calls to Tenant.
Day 8—Rent unpaid. Landlord serves notice: “3-Day Pay or Vacate.”
If tenant does not pay rent due to unmade repairs, complaints against the landlord, or for any other reason, he/she runs the risk of eviction & should contact an attorney or advocate immediately.
Day 9, 10, 11—Tenant has 3 days to come up with entire sum.
Landlord does not have to accept partial payment, but does have to accept the rent if it’s presented in entirety in these 3 days. Often, three day notices contain additional late fees and/or attorney’s fees. Tenant should consult his/her lease to see if fees are stipulated in the rental agreement.
Day 12—Landlord now has option of serving tenant a Lawsuit for Unlawful Detainer (Eviction Summons & Complaint).
This initiates the legal eviction action.
· May be filed in courthouse now or later. If it is stamped with a number in upper corner, it’s been filed.
· May be served a notice with the date of the Order to Show Cause Hearing.
· The Summons & Complaint may contain the provision that the tenant must pay owed monies into the court registry OR file a certification disputing that point. If that provision exists, the tenant must act accordingly to avoid a default judgment.
· The Summons may say that the tenant can request that the suit be filed with the court. The tenant should be aware that as soon as the suit is filed, eviction will be on the tenant’s record, no matter how the judge rules. This can seriously affect the tenant’s ability to rent in the future.
Day 19—Answer Due (Response or Notice of Appearance and Certificate of Service Due).
· The date the answer is due will appear on the front of the Summons.
· Usually due a week after lawsuit is served.
· Tenant must turn in copy of Answer to landlord’s attorney. If lawsuit has been filed, a copy ALSO goes to the courthouse clerk.
· If tenant does not file a Response or Notice of Appearance, a Default Judgment against the tenant is likely.
· When the tenant files an answer, an Order to Show Cause Hearing date will be scheduled shortly thereafter (around day 24). But, this may have been scheduled already. (See Day 12)
Day 20—Date of Order to Show Cause Hearing Default Judgment, if no answer was filed.
· If the tenant didn’t respond to the Summons & Complaint, he/she may be automatically evicted.


· If tenant has responded to the lawsuit, parties go to court. The judge will hear both sides & rule. If the landlord wins, the court issues a Writ of Restitution, (the legal papers to be served by the sheriff ordering the tenant evicted), and a judgment requiring the tenant to pay landlord’s attorney and court costs, as well as back rent and any late fees. If the tenant wins, the case is dismissed. However, the eviction filing will still appear on the tenant’s record.
· If the tenant is able to pay back rent, court costs, and attorney fees, his/her tenancy may be reinstated.
· Additionally, a judge may send the case to trial.
Day 20—Writ of Restitution issued if tenant loses by default judgment or at hearing.
Day 21—Sheriff serves Writ.
(Usually on tenant’s door.)
Day 25—First day that Sheriff can enforce writ.
(72 hours after writ is served to tenant.)
Day 26 or 27—Writ usually enforced.
Sheriff comes and tenant is physically evicted. The name and phone number of the sheriff will appear on the writ. Tenant should contact the sheriff as soon as possible.
Day 30—Sheriff’s statutory deadline for completing eviction.
The above information is approximate, and is an example of an eviction procedure at its quickest.

  Contact Us: 850.942.7653

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