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Our Commitment to You (the Property Owner)

When you’re looking for a property manager to lease and use as a general investment your best source for information is PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management. Your agent will find subject properties that are suited specifically for you. The real estate buying and selling process has gotten increasingly complicated recently due to the latest actions in government regulation. These changing times make it even more crucial than before to have a professional that is dedicated to addressing your specific questions and inquiries. Any step within the process, appraisal, inspection, HUD statement, etc. can raise questions. Your agent stands ready to provide you with up to the moment information to best serve your interests. Your PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Property Management Professional can provide information for you in evaluating the advantages that may come from investing in an investment property. Contact an Agent now to get started with your commercial investment property search.

During your property manager search, you will find that there are many different kinds of property questions to consider:

  • Does your property bring you Profits or Problems?
  • Utilizing our service brings the following
  • Comprehensive expertise and knowledge of local laws and market conditions.
  • Exposure to over 14,000 real estate professionals.
  • Advertising on the Internet.
  • Detailed records and accounting reports.
  • Professional screening of tenants.
  • Professional relationship with tenants.
  • Reduction in tenant turnover and increased occupancy rates through strict screening and constant supervision.
  • Efficient rent collections
  • Full Service Property Management Services
  • Our Full Service Property Management includes all Leasing Services as well as:
  • Collecting monthly rents.
  • Paying owner’s monthly mortgage payment.
  • Reviewing insurance for best overall coverage, price and full protection.
  • Paying owner’s property taxes, insurance or other payments as instructed.
  • Handling requests for repairs and maintenance.
  • Arranging and making payment for required repairs or maintenance work.
  • Paying to owner or depositing to owner’s account amounts received in excess of required disbursements.
  • Providing owner with fully itemized and computerized monthly reports and year-end accounting statements.
  • Periodic inspections of the property during lease in order to ensure proper maintenance. Overseeing maintenance tasks to optimize quality and value.
  • Arranging tenant notices and evictions when necessary.
  • A final inspection and closing statement, upon tenants vacating the property.
  • We are here to help you be profitable!

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