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You work hard for your money, you deserve to keep more of it.

Pro Players Plan

  • $299 Transaction Fee – Capped at $3,588 per year
  • $35 E&O Insurance per transaction
  • $25 per month Membership Fees
  • Plus Our Sponsorship Program Bonuses!
  • Our agents who recruit other agents and will be paid $50 on each of the other agent’s lifetime sales at Pro Players.

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Call us today for a confidential interview to improve your net income. Our agents  sponsor other agents and are paid on each of the other agent’s sales.

Realtors Now you can have a career designed specifically for you.

Are you tired of paying too much of your hard earned commission checks to your real estate company? We can solve that problem once and for all.

Do you want to Build a career you can be proud of and supports the lifestyle you desire?

You Can Become a Pro Players Agent.

Our Realtors are our priority. We are Dedicated to your success. We provide Realtors cash flow between closings and a passive income stream, without huge fees.

Realtors  Apply  Now to the Company with High Commissions  and Residual Lifetime Income

What you can expect with Pro Players Realty USA

Pro Players  agents are extremely important to us  we will listen to you and your ideas.

  • Our Management  makes  our agents be more successful

  • Commission checks can be issued on the same day as the closing directly from the Title Company

  • No Additional Franchise Fees, No Hidden Fees

  • No Monthly Sales Quota

  • No Required Floor Time or Meetings

  • No Pressure Environment

  • Full or Part-Time Agents Welcome

  • Referral Company available

  • Full-Time Broker Support and After-Hours Support

  • Negotiate your own commission rates with clients and customers

  • Offer full-service listings, flat fee MLS listings, menu-based (a la carte) services, buyer rebates, etc.

  • Dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced support staff you can count on

  • Assistance with showings and buyer responses. All calls, emails, and messages on your listings are forwarded to you automatically

  • Free syndication of your listings on all the major portals

  • Input your own listings and photos directly into the MLS

  • Work From Home – It is not mandatory to come to the office

Pro Players Advantages for Realtors

  • High Commissions

  • Cash flow between closings

  • Lifetime Agent Sponsorship, agents you recruit each sale pays you

  • Refer a Broker program

  • Financial Freedom

  • Beneficial Programs for Brokers & Realtors, your Agents will grow your business

  • Pro Players Realty USA has a growing following

  • Personalized education and career training for success

  • High Commissions

  • Bonuses all go to the Agent

  • HUD- Approved Broker Vendor

  • Referral leads to participating agents

  • No floor time. Our staff handles this for you

  • No mandatory meetings. All sales meetings are optional

  • Come to the office only when you want to. Our systems  keep your business efficient

  • No hidden fees

  • No bureaucracy, big corporate structure, or needless rules and regulations

  • No sales quotas. Work full-time or  part-time

  • Sponsoring Income  on Full and Part Time Agents can last for years

  • Access all locations 7 days a week

  • Fully Staffed Offices

  • Conference Rooms, Agent Work Stations, Professional Copier/Scanner/Fax and Printers

  • Full-Time Brokers/Owners

  • Online Transaction Management System

  • Conference Room  featuring large screens  to view properties with your customer or to conduct closings

  • Classes designed to educate you in the contracts and forms you use regularly when listing and selling real estate

  • Real Estate  Training Online and in person with no extra charge to agents

  • Enjoy an outstanding commission structure

  • Secure internet storage for your transactions

  • Broker access and support with proficient, experienced, friendly, ready-to-help- Broker and administrative staff

  • Paperless Listing and Sales Contract Packages set up for you in our paperless system featuring electronic signatures

  • Take control of your future Now, Join Pro Players you’ll be glad you did

  • In Florida we are Members of TBR Tallahassee Board of Realtors and RAFGC Realtor Association of Franklin and Gulf Counties

  • Stop by  for informal meetings, a place to stop in and work or just take a break

  • Professional fully customizable Digital Buyer Presentations

  • Exclusive Customizable Agent webpage on featuring MLS Search, Your photo, bio, contact information, links and all your listings

  • Discount advertising rates for printed media

  • Seller Financing education

  • Professional fully customizable Digital Listing Presentations

  • Personal one-on-one coaching and training to give you more confidence in selling real estate

  • Access all Company forms, training  and logos on-line

  • Access to an Attorney, Mortgage and Title company for a smooth close

  • Sales Training, networking events and office meetings

  • Personal Phone Message Notifications sent to your Cell Phone

  • Global Marketing support

  • Company Intranet – Notify fellow Agents of Just Listed, Just Reduced, Open Houses

  • Customized Direct Mail and Marketing materials easily accessible on line, printed and ready in 24 hours

  • Instruction on latest Technology to build your business

  • Recruiting Rewards Earn money  for years on every agent you recruit

  • Referral Network

  • Training suited to the individual’s career goals and business plan

  • Celebrity Attention

  • Marketing materials professionally branded to the agent

  • Awards and Recognition Programs

  • Powerful Programs and Tools Available

  • Your name and phone number on your yard signs

Our Realtors  help other Realtors with their business. Our environment is not of agent ego, it is  helping others reach their goals.  We are a company with new ideas to achieve financial success.

Our desire is for you and your career to be very successful, going beyond your current vision.  Our business development process is designed for the dedicated professional to achieve personal goals, and financial freedom to pursue their interests.  Teams are open now for new agents.

Join us as Realtors increase their take home pay!

Our requirements are simple: Realtor  agrees, in a professional manner, to use his or her best efforts to procure real estate related business for Company Commercial and Residential. Realtor  shall be responsible for paying all license fees, and MLS Board membership dues. Realtor must maintain and be in good standing with FREC, FAR, NAR and their local Board of Realtors. Realtor agrees to provide the highest quality service possible and make PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA  a company customers ask for by name.

Note from our CEO to Real Estate Professionals:

I applaud you in your consideration to join PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA, I look forward to our future successes, and warmly invite  you to join our team.

I am excited to meet with you very soon for a one on one personal introduction and business planning  session.

Respectfully dedicated, “I will help you”.

John D. Stehmeyer Realtor Broker CEO

Training: Pro Players agents stay ahead of trends, tools and topics in the real estate industry through their access to Pro Players University.  The comprehensive training curriculum prepares our agents to serve at the highest level.

Effectiveness: Leading-edge technology solutions accelerate our associates’ efficiency and productivity.

Group Attention: PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA is designed to reward agents for working together. Team building. We believe  we are all more successful with a common goal,  to serve our clients and customers at the highest level.

Dependability: PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA was founded on the principles of trust and honesty, emphasizing the importance of having the integrity to do the right thing. We always put client and customer needs first. Our agents realize that their success is ultimately determined by the legacy we leave with each client we serve.

Giving Back to the Community we sponsor the American Cancer Society, American Veterans, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes to name a few.

Apply  Now to the Company with High Commissions, Referrals  and Residual Lifetime Income.


Agent Testimonials

Laura Kenney

Pro Players Realty USA is a winning environment! Working with the team at Pro Players Realty USA has been a positive and motivating experience.  The monthly team building and educational seminars have enriched my understanding and knowledge of all aspects of real estate from inspections, to insurance to lead generation.  In a volatile market, the team strategy and networking plans at Pro Players have opened doors to new business. I appreciate the strong business plan and direction Pro Players Realty USA have mapped out.  It is a true route to consistent business and strong referral networks.  I am a proud member of Pro Players Realty USA… a team with integrity, leadership and success!!

Juanita Sapp

I chose to join Pro Players Realty USA because of the company’s local presence, superior tools and visionary leadership.  Joining Pro Players Realty USA was the best thing I have done in a long time.

With their strong, local brand, marketing and unparalleled programs, they give their agents a sturdy platform to succeed.  In today’s real estate industry, it’s important to align with a strong company and Pro Players Realty USA gives us that opportunity.

The level of personal support from John Stehmeyer has been great, and I am very excited to be part of this growing team and to get rid of the high monthly fees that I had been paying elsewhere.  His concentration on technology and marketing, and the convenience of the other offices, will help me serve my clients well into the future.

I’m very excited about the opportunities that Pro Players Realty USA is now offering agents and clients.”  One of my favorite incentives with Pro Players Realty USA is the 401k contribution and the residual income.

I could go on and on, but all I have to say is that if you’re looking to make a move, make it Pro Players Realty USA!

Joshua Cummings

Having been a real estate professional in Tallahassee for eight years and having worked at three other brokerages, both large and small, it is a valid statement from experience that I say that Pro Players Realty, USA is a very unique brokerage.

This brokerage truly offers a career in real estate that you can support a family with, meet your goals in business, and yes, believe it or not, build a retirement!!

A man that I respect very deeply who has long since passed, once told me some “secrets” to running a good business. This man was Thomas C. Johnson, whose name is literally etched in stone as it is the name of the main campus building of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents. Tom also happens to be my grandfather-in-law. He told me that a key to building a good business is making sure that you pay your staff a “living wage”. Make sure that the work culture is supportive and that the administration is flexible, but most of all, pay people enough money by which they can raise a family. From the mailroom to the CEO, all workers at FAIA made enough money to live on and support their families! As a result, his employees stayed with him for their entire working years!

I tell you this story and can honestly say that Pro Players Realty has developed a way to do that in Real Estate!!! It is true! By giving our agents a more than generous commission split, paying for almost all of their advertising and overhead we allow our agents to keep most of the money that they make on each transaction. By encouraging our agents to recruit others to join our brokerage we pay them 10% on each transaction that their recruit closes. And guess what, that is for LIFE!!!! That is residual, passive income. And on top of all of that, 5% of company funds are deposited into a Simple IRA for each transaction that an agent closes!!! This is phenomenal!! Pro Players Realty, USA has developed a way that you can truly grow in your business as a real estate professional and earn enough money to support your family.

I have worked at Pro Players for two years as its Executive Vice President. In that short time, I have seen more goals accomplished in my personal real estate business and in our company than I had all of the previous six years of being in this business! This is not a “pie in the sky” idea, it is real business and real money being paid and worked by real dedicated real estate professionals!

The people and the culture at Pro Players is that of teamwork and true comradeship. I recently went through a very difficult time in my personal life with a child who had to have three heart surgeries in his first two months of life. Needless to say, I was unable to work and had to focus on my family. The team at Pro Players never allowed my business to miss a beat. My customers never knew that I was not working on their files as they were being handled by my partners at Pro Players Realty! They were serviced professionally and were taken to closing and beyond with A+ results!

I can honestly say that working at Pro Players Realty, USA is the best decision I have made in my professional life! Won’t you join us as well?


Joshua S. Cummings

Bradley Rich

While working for a different real estate company, I closed a sale with John Stehmeyer of Pro Players Realty USA.  I soon realized thereafter that Pro Players Realty USA has the greatest support system of any real estate company I’ve done business with.  Proactive measures are taken to assure the utmost quality representation for clients, and the brokerage support to the agents working at Pro Players Realty USA is unparalleled.  These are the primary reasons I chose Pro Players Realty USA!

Nancy Sperduti

Honesty, Integrity and a high level of professionalism are essential when seeking a brokerage firm to work with. John Stehmeyer of Pro Players exemplifies these standards and values.

His dedication to his agents is epitomized by the incentives he has put into place that are unheard of in the industry. As most realtors can attest to, managing cash flow and saving money is a continual challenge in the world of real estate and Pro Players has addressed these very real needs by implementing programs such as high commission splits, no desk fees and a 10% recruiting fee for sponsored agents per transaction for life! Did I mention a company funded IRA!!

Hey, you need to take a look at Pro Players Realty USA!!!

I am so VERY HAPPY I did!!!

Carla Lowe -Tucker

Pro Players Realty USA has helped me to grow both professionally and personally. John has been a great mentor and I have gained more valuable knowledge and felt less like a lone fish in a great big ocean since being with Pro Players. I am appreciative of where I’ve come in my real estate business and have high expectations for where i am heading with this company!

Call John D. Stehmeyer  at 850-942-Sold (7653)


For a confidential interview

We are built for agents!

Develop your own Pro Players USA State region for Lifetime income Watch This:

  • Pro Players Realty USA will help you build your presence

Develop your own Pro Players USA State region for Lifetime income Watch This:

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