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Broker Owner Licensees

Real Estate Brokers Grow You Business with Pro Players Realty USA

Now hiring Real Estate Brokers and Realtor Branch Managers 

Real Estate Broker benefits:

*Cashflow between closings, lifetime income
*Lifetime Agent Sponsorship Commissions
*Refer a Broker program – Be paid on all Brokers recruited
*Owners earn  residual income on each territory and office referred to us
*Build Business you can sell with ongoing income
*No monthly company fees for Brokers, Realtors or Referral Agents
*Beneficial Company Programs for Brokers & Realtors, your Agents will grow your business
*Automated Back office Solutions
*Area Developers and Area Sales opportunities
*Grow your office with powerful agent recruiting programs
*Apply now – Wealth building systems and training
*Pro Players Realty USA has a growing following, we help you build your presence
*Protected Territories
*Financial Freedom
*Secure your area now!

Develop a Pro Players Realty USA State region for Lifetime income Watch:

 Key Advantages with Pro Players Realty USA®

    • Agents really like the advantages
    • Get in early
    • Low Office  Fees creates Profit Potential
    • Original Investors Bonus Program from state sales
    • Professional athletes and real estate people are investing in businesses now
    • Global expansion income potential and partnerships
    • Lifetime Residual Income
    • Systems for greater added value and efficiency to investors in agents and broker/owners
    • We want to be the most beneficial company for agents and broker owners in the industry, with powerful incentives for each member to grow the organization
    • Economically feasible for brokers and state developers, allowing them to diversify and build a business they can maintain with ongoing income streams
    • Celebrity Owners make us “The company of choice, networking with the right people”
    • Our business model is successful in Florida
    • Create a business you can sell and receive income for years after
  • 92 Billion dollar and rising industry in USA

Pro Players Realty USA is built on the principle of building win-win situations for all parties involved in each real estate business. With better served clients, and unprecedented effortless growth, the results will be maximum long term profits.

Key success factors within this industry include (1) Effective promotion (advertising campaigns to promote the realty business and the property listings), (2) Cost control, (3) Networking & Contacts success, (4) Expertise of operators, (5) Clear definition of strategic goals, (Agent recruiting, agent retention, maximizing sales volume, etc) and (6) Location.

We also seek celebrities and organizations with lots of athlete contacts and experience, so all NFL, NBA and MLB owners are invited to be owners of our organization.We are going nationwide in the USA then Canada.

This is a great opportunity to get in at the top of an upcoming  Real Estate Company in the USA. On going licensing opportunities are available, in all but 5 states (Not available yet in  ND, MD, HI, RI and WA).  We believe we have the best programs for agents and broker/owners in the industry. Our systems can grow lifetime residual income at every level in the company. Our low entree fees, and modern growth strategies, make this company the place of choice for growing a real estate brokerage.

Our model helps brokers have a great business and life at a cost  below the traditional real estate franchise model.   Pro Players Realty USA  systems are made to benefit broker owners and agents more than  Traditional Real Estate Brokerage Franchise Models ; and is a business that can pay easily off after retirement.

Our systems grow lifetime residual income

Develop your own Pro Players USA State region for Lifetime income Watch This:

Residual Income Streams to Brokers for life

Option for selling their office

Pro Players Realty USA has developed income for life for our Brokers and Agents. When Brokers sell their current office to one of their agents, the selling Broker will keep a 10% income stream from licensing and transaction fees paid to the main company from that office. If the office is sold again that income stream goes to the one who sold it, and so on. They also retain the  sponsorships from any Realtors they have recruited, also if agents were sponsored from agents in their office and the sponsor left the company or lost their license, the  sponsorship transfers to the broker owner of that office.

Option for recruiting Realtors

Option for referring other Brokers

Option for State Developers

Contact John D.Stehmeyer for regional and individual license rights and business building assistance.

 I  respect  your consideration to build your business into a business that can provide Residual Lifetime Income with Pro Players Realty USA.

I look forward talking with you  soon,

I will make it a win for you!

John D. Stehmeyer  CEO
2732 Capital Circle Northeast
Tallahassee, Florida 32308

Skype   ProPlayersRealtyUSA.John

850-942-Sold  (7653)

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