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Locating Retail Properties

Retail property can range from individual shops to large neighborhood retail centers. Retail centers attract traffic and offer shared marketing opportunities for non-competing businesses often complemented by an anchor store.  Some larger centers include “pad sites” typically occupied by banks and fast food operations. Retail properties are readily available in various locations and sizes. Properties are typically non-owner occupied and may be utilized for income, tax relief, and appreciation. Due to the complexity of financial and tax considerations when considering investing in retail properties it is recommended that you consult with your financial advisor.

Small strip centers can range from 5-10 tenants and cover 6,000-14,000 sq. ft. Many large grocery chains serve as a brand anchor store with 10-20 smaller shop-space tenants. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Sales Professionals have resources available that evaluate the property to determine financial strength of the tenants, age, condition of the property, and risk exposure. These factors should be considered in coupling the best commercial property to your expectations.

Apartments and Multi Family

As residential income properties, apartments are designed to be leased to multiple tenants. These sites range from small condominiums to a large apartment complexes and may meet your specific needs, goals, and resources. Properties are not owner occupied and may often be utilized as a source cash flow, tax benefits, and capital accumulation.

The number of individual units included in a single multi family project is the overall method of classifying apartment properties. The PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Agent considers projects containing at least five units to be considered commercial property. Aside from the number of units, residential income properties can be classified according to general types of unit design, efficiency, garden, loft, penthouse, studio, or townhome.


Location, square footage, and not to mention the financial expenses…there’s no denying that the decision to purchase office space is probably one of the biggest and most difficult decisions you are likely to face as a business owner. With so many factors at play, it can be hard to know what considerations to take into account when you’re purchasing a new commercial office property.
To make the whole job a little easier, here’s a useful beginner’s guide to help you navigate through the ins and outs of buying a commercial office space.

Get some real estate know-how
Buying commercial property is often a lengthy and complex process that can span across several weeks or months. Ensure you get off on the right foot by selecting a real estate agent who specialises in buying and selling commercial property and is familiar with the current market conditions. Regardless of your financial background, purchasing commercial property is a significant investment and the decision not to seek the services of a professional agent could end up costing you dearly in the long run.

See your business bank manager
Aside from the initial down payment you will need to purchase your property, you will also need to consider how to manage mortgage payments and how this will affect your business’s cash flow. Speak to your business bank manager first to discuss loan opportunities as well as the types of insurance cover suitable for your business. Having a rough dollar estimate of what you have to work with will also give you an idea of the type of properties that are within your budget.

Closing the deal
Once you’ve got your heart set on a property to purchase, have a solicitor read over the contract for the sale.  Aside from explaining the details of the contract to you, the solicitor will also carry out the necessary searches and ensure that a good title passes to you – that’s legal jargon checking that “everything is in good nick” and that full ownership will actually pass to you. The solicitor can also negotiate and amend terms of the contract, prior to exchange of contracts and final settlement, which is particularly useful if there are loopholes or issues with the sale. Make sure you find a registered commercial property lawyer – law society websites are generally a good way to source lawyers to help you with the final steps of your purchase.

Land, Farms and Ranches and Plantations

Farm and ranch properties are agricultural acreage used primarily for food product production or animal husbandry (including cattle and dairy, crops, hay, horses, etc). These properties present a variety of options in buying and investing in agricultural enterprises. Agricultural acreage produces food products, and ranches often offer hunting and fishing options as well as other outdoor amenities.. Related properties encompass a broad industry that spans food processing, storing, and marketing. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Sales Professionals will work to help you understand production acreage and the investment potential of any farm or ranch type property..

Farms and ranches are generally classified by size, also income potential is a factor.. For instance, large properties may have more than 10,000 acres whereas smaller ones may be suitable for only a part-time income or a mortgage payment free residence with an additional source of income. Whether you are looking to assume a working plantation or to start up a new agri-business, PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Sales Professionals can provide assistance to help locate the property that works for you.

Industrial and special use real estate

Industrial Properties might include manufacturing, warehousing and distribution centers.

Industrial buildings are often owner – occupied, with multi-tenant industrial parks including a single or multi-tenant buildings. These range from manufacturing facilities, to warehouses, to distribution centers and to office sites, which are very popular in a capital city!.

The physical characteristics of these types of buildings and the operational requirements of the intended business can prove quite challenging. It is crucial to have a dedicated professional who studies these areas of real estate day in and day out. Our PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Sales Professionals can do just that! Your agent will direct the search, and guide you as you and your agent conduct the analysis and negotiation of said property. Our Agents have access to many additional local resources that can assist with evaluating the electrical power requirements, ceiling and roof heights, dock versus grade loading, truck turnaround, lay down yard requirements, environmental issues, and more. In providing all of this information, the PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Agent will help you locate the property that aligns more closely with your resources and needs.

Raw Land Sales and Leasing

Land is undeveloped, raw property, or property that is construction ready. Buying commercial land can present numerous options to clients whether you intend to buy, lease, or invest. Developers are the first step in converting raw land into an income producing property. With the help of your PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Sales Professional, you should check into local zoning, your city’s or town’s master plan, as well as local policies about growth and development. These factors are worth considering for every decision if land is to be utilized for income, tax relief, and appreciation.

“Construction Ready” properties are typically developer improved upon raw land with grading, utilities, and possibly streets. Zoning will ultimately determine the possible use of the property. Your PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial representative will assist you in the process to ensure that the land is appropriate for your needs. Possible development sites may include residential, commercial, office park, golf course, and more.

Motels, Hotels, and Vacation Properties

Motels and hotels can be an interesting opportunity. These commercial properties range from small roadside motels to larger franchise hotel chains. Lodging properties are readily available in various locations and sizes. Properties may be utilized for income, tax relief, and appreciation.

Motels and hotels are typically classified by the number of rooms, amenities and ratings if available. Evaluations of such properties should include gross income trends and deferred maintenance, as well as occupancy rate. Proximity to parks, highways, and cities, as well as other factors, contribute to the value of the property and will influence every investment decision. As with any property, improvements to the conveniences, landscaping, and overall atmosphere will help to grow revenue.


Manufactured Housing Communities and Mobile Home Parks

Manufactured housing communities are usually areas where residents own their homes and rent the land from a proprietor. The park may offer various amenities, pools, clubhouse, tennis courts, and community activities. Communities could have established restrictions, such as age requirements for retirement living. Properties may be utilized for income, tax relief, and appreciation. Consult with your tax/financial advisor about specific tax and financial advice.

These communities are typically characterized by the total number of lots. Fully serviced lots may include electrical, sewer, and water. Lots may also be seasonal. The land is most often rented on a yearly lease, but communities may offer day or week terms, as well.

In studying manufactured housing communities we will include a review of the financials as well as occupancy rate and geographic location. Proximity to parks, highways, and cities, as well as other factors, may contribute to the overall value of the property. PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA Commercial Sales Professionals can assist you in the rewarding process of evaluating this type of investment.

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