PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA presents Tallahassee Commercial Property for sale over $500,000

PRO PLAYERS REALTY USA presents a list of Tallahassee Commercial Property for sale over $500,000 offered by your Tallahassee Real estate team. Call us for help 850.942.SOLD {7653}


Address City Zip Price
1845 Jaclif Court TALLAHASSEE 32308 $500,000
2823 Capital Circle Northeast TALLAHASSEE 32308 $500,000
125 N Gadsden Street TALLAHASSEE 32301 $500,000
2011 S Adams Street TALLAHASSEE 32301 $550,000
310 Polk Drive TALLAHASSEE 32301 $550,000
4390 Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $575,000
430 SE Mill Street OTHER FLORIDA 32066 $595,000
2437 SW CR 360 MADISON 32340 $595,000
483 PORT LEON DRIVE ST MARKS 32355 $599,000
XXXX Pat Thomas QUINCY 32351 $650,000
0 HWY 365/98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $650,000
3771 Crawfordville Hwy CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $663,000
308 E Orange Avenue TALLAHASSEE 32303 $675,000
716 Monroe Street North TALLAHASSEE 32303 $675,000
703 Railroad Avenue TALLAHASSEE 32303 $680,000
3856 S SR 53 MADISON COUNTY 32340-5938 $699,000
1845 Jaclif Court TALLAHASSEE 32308 $750,000
xx Coastal Hwy 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $750,000
1721 Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $752,750
3651 Hartsfield Road TALLAHASSEE 32303 $776,400
2930 COASTAL HWY MEDART 32327 $795,000
5 Franklin Ct. TALLAHASSEE 32311 $799,000
2627 Spring Creek Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 $799,000
1951 W Jefferson Street QUINCY 32351 $800,000
1815 S ADAMS ST TALLAHASSEE 32301 $824,900
1131 Live Oak Street QUINCY 32351 $890,000
1246 Timberlane Road TALLAHASSEE 32312 $899,000
3058 Highland Oaks Terrace TALLAHASSEE 32311 $900,000
306 N Monroe Street TALLAHASSEE 32301 $950,000
21239 Keaton Beach Drive KEATON BEACH 32348 $950,000
2001 Thomasville Road TALLAHASSEE 32308 $980,000
2414 E Plaza Drive TALLAHASSEE 32308 $987,900
1140 W Tharpe Street TALLAHASSEE 32303 $997,000
2377 Lake Hall Road TALLAHASSEE 32309 $999,000
1202 PARK AVE E TALLAHASSEE 32301 ########
3373 Garber Drive TALLAHASSEE 32303 ########
222 E COLLEGE Avenue TALLAHASSEE 32301 ########
228 Gaile Ave TALLAHASSEE 32305-5201 ########
xx Coastal Hwy 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
xx Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
3339 HIGHWAY 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
1123 Thomasville Road TALLAHASSEE 32303 ########
9495 Puckett Road PERRY 32348 ########
xx Coastal Hwy 98 CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
3209 E Mahan Drive TALLAHASSEE 32308 ########
2412 W Tennessee Street TALLAHASSEE 32304 ########
xx Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
xx Crawfordville Highway CRAWFORDVILLE 32327 ########
1531 Commonwealth Business Drive TALLAHASSEE 32303 ########
00 Harbour Drive SHELL POINT 32327 ########
9330 W Tennessee Street TALLAHASSEE 32311 ########

‘Bad Decisions Limit Future Options’Presented by PLAYERS REALTY USA, catered , we hope you can attend this event. Join us Friday Empowering Realtors July 20th, 2012 12pm-1:30pm

On July 20th Clay Shiver of Palm Branch Consulting will be talking about how ‘Bad Decisions Limit Future Options’Presented by PLAYERS REALTY USA, catered , we hope you can attend this event.Join us Friday
Empowering Realtors
July 20th, 2012 12pm-1:30pm
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Tallahassee, FL 32308
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7680 Tally Ann Dr Great Tallahassee Starter Home for Sale

Relocation! Bring Offer Soon! Most of the expensive items have been recently replaced. Including roof, HVAC, Windows, exterior Doors and drain field. This house has good potential. On a pond, privacy fenced large backyard with extra large deck. Pond is supposed to be redone by Leon County very soon. Call for showing!

Join us on  https://www.facebook.com/ProPlayersRealty

John Stehmeyer
Realtor® Broker CEO
Office (850) 942-SOLD (7653)

3501 Martin Hurst Rd, Tallahassee FL 32312

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1049 Summerbrooke Drive, MLS 225076


I need your help. I sold the house next door to Jimbo Fisher in Golden Eagle,  and one a couple doors down on the other side on a referral. Now I need to sell this one next door to FSU Defensive Coordinator Mark Stoops at 1049 Summerbrooke Drive, MLS 225076. The place is stacked with creature comforts, pool, outdoor kitchen, lots more, at $399,000. Call me please, thanks! — with Pro Players Realty USA. Thank you, John Stehmeyer Call for help at 850-942-SOLD (7653)

U.S. home re-sales complete best winter in 5 years

U.S. home sales are gradually coming back. A mild winter and a stronger job market have helped boost sales ahead of the crucial spring buying season.

The past two months made up the best winter for sales of previously occupied homes in five years, when the housing crisis began. And the sales pace in January was the highest since May 2010, the last month that buyers could qualify for a federal home-buying tax credit.

February sales dipped only slightly to a seasonally adjusted 4.59 million, the National Association of Realtors said Wednesday. That’s 13 percent higher than the sales pace last July and just below the revised 4.63 million in January.

Ian Shepherdson, chief U.S. economist at High Frequency Economics, said the lower February’s numbers “should not detract from the key point, which is that sales are trending upward.”

The sales pace remains far below the 6 million that economists equate with healthy markets. And the number of first-time buyers, who are critical to a housing recovery, continues to lag normal levels, while foreclosures remain high.

Still, Florida Realtors President Summer Greene, a Realtor in Fort Lauderdale, said she’s getting multiple offers for listings. That’s been rare since the housing market went bust in South Florida.

“People don’t want to wait on the sidelines anymore and the change is very noticeable,” Greene said. “There’s definitely been a mood shift.”

The median sales prices of homes rose for the first time in four months in February, to $156,600. And the supply of homes on the market increased more than 4 percent in February to 2.43 million, which could signal that more homeowners became confident in the housing market.

There have been other signs of improvement in the depressed housing market.

Homebuilders have grown more confident in the past six months after seeing more people express interest in buying a home. In February, they requested the most permits to build homes since October 2008.

Mortgage rates are near record lows. And the supply of homes fell in January to its lowest level in seven years.

A lower supply helps push up prices, which lures more sellers onto the market and generally improves the quality of homes for sale. Rising prices also boost sales because buyers want to invest in homes that are appreciating in value.

A key reason for the brighter housing outlook is the job market has strengthened. From December through February, employers added an average of 245,000 jobs a month. The unemployment rate has fallen to 8.3 percent, the lowest in three years.

Still, economists caution that the damage from the housing bust is deep and the industry is years away from fully recovering.

Sales among first-time buyers, who are critical to a housing recovery, fell slightly last month to 32 percent of all purchases. That’s down from 33 percent in January. In healthy markets, first-time buyers make up at least 40 percent.

And homes at risk of foreclosure made up 34 percent of sales, down only slightly from 35 percent in January. In more stable markets, foreclosures make up less than 10 percent of sales.

For the past few years, the market has been saturated for years with foreclosures. That has put downward pressure on prices and driven away buyers. Many can’t qualify for loans or meet higher down-payment requirements. Even those with excellent credit and stable jobs are holding off because they fear that home prices will keep falling.

Sales are measured when buyers close on homes. Some deals have been scuttled before the closing after banks declined mortgage applications, home inspectors found problems, appraisals showed a home was worth less than the bid, or a buyer lost a job.

One-third of Realtors say they’ve had at least one contract scuttled in each of the past five months. That’s up from just 18 percent in September.

Sales were mixed across the country. They rose on a seasonal basis 1 percent in the Midwest and 0.6 percent in the South. They dropped 3.2 percent in the West and 3.3 percent in the Northeast.

Why Isn’t My Tallahassee Home Selling?

The bulk of mail I receive from readers asks for tips on selling a home. Many have had their home on the market for months without a showing. Some home sellers have had dozens of buyer previews but not one purchase offer.

In buyer’s markets, it is especially important to pull out all the stops and make your home stand out among the sea of inventory on the market. Ask yourself why a buyer would choose your home over all the other homes for sale.

Poor Condition of Your Home

Check out your competition. If 90% of the homes in your market are not selling, then your home needs to outshine the top 10%. Look at the homes that are pending sales because that’s your current indicator. Sold comps could be two to three months in arrears of market movement. You want to know what is happening right now, and pending sale data will tell you which homes are selling.

Apart from preparing your home for sale, consider its condition. Perhaps you should consider adding updates or doing repairs before selling. If the top 10% on the market have new carpeting and your carpeting is worn and dated, your home is not going to sell. Replace the carpet. Paint the walls neutral — not white. Check its curb appeal.

Not Enough Photographs or Badly Shot Photographs

Homes in MLS that have one photo are passed by. Homes with dozens of photographs get noticed. Take quality photos or hire a professional photographer. Shoot wide angles with plenty of light showcasing your home’s best features. For goodness sake, keep the toilet lid closed.

* Unless your bedrooms differ from one another significantly, just shoot the master bedroom or largest bedroom.

* Don’t get yourself or the camera in the photo of the bathroom by shooting the mirror’s reflection.

* If your hallway is narrow, don’t take a picture of it. Get a close up of your fireplace or other interesting feature instead.

* Take several photos of the kitchen. The kitchen is generally the most important photo.

* Before photographing the dining room, set the table.

* Living room photos should show space, so move out some of that furniture.

* Remember to include the back yard and gardens.

* Add descriptive text to each photo; make your poetry sing.

You Haven’t Paid For Extensive Marketing and Advertising

No single aspect of marketing sells a home. It’s a combination of marketing efforts. If your newspaper makes a mistake and lists your home under the wrong section, don’t panic — homes have sold to buyers who found them in the wrong place. For that reason, consider placing an ad under several classifications.

* Print four-color postcards and mail them to surrounding homes in the neighborhood and to out-of-area buyers.

* Create four-color flyers containing several photos to distribute to prospects and those who tour your home.

* Hire a virtual tour company to shoot and upload videos.

* Massively advertise every weekend.

* Hold Open Houses on Sundays that coincide with other neighborhood open houses. Sometimes Thursday evenings attract buyers.

* Get feedback from buyers about what they liked and disliked about your home, and make adjustments to overcome objections.

* Consider shooting a video yourself and uploading it to YouTube.com, even if it’s just you talking about what you like about living there.

You Hired the Wrong Listing Agent

You want to work with an agent who is competent, experienced and honest. There are a variety of ways to find an agent but the easiest way is through referrals from friends and family.

If you desire full-service and want an agent to spend tons of money on the listing, hire a full service brokerage and interview several agents. To find the best listing agent, don’t base your decision solely on the suggested sales price or how much the agent charges you because there are other considerations. Discuss home pricing and commission negotiations last. First, find out the agent’s strategic marketing plan.

You Haven’t Priced Your Home to Sell

Sellers say, “But I don’t want to give away my house.” Of course, not. You want to sell it. To sell your home, the price must be right. Don’t “test” the market or ask an inflated figure because if you do, your home will probably sit on the market and the DOM will continue to tick. Dated listings don’t generally sell for list price.

To avoid overpricing your home, examine the sold comparable sales. Adjust for square footage, if necessary. If your home has a bad layout or is located in bad location such as next to a school, on or near a busy street or bordering a liquor store, you’re not going to get the same price as homes with a good layout and in a good location.

For example, if the last three homes sold at $400,000 but you feel they are not comparable to yours because they don’t contain updates — but they were located on a quiet street and your street is noisy — your home is probably worth about the same. A plus-$50,000 adjustment for the updates could wash out the minus-$50,000 for the busy street.

In a buyer’s market, price your home a minimum of 2% less than the last comparable sale. If you can’t live with that price, then don’t put your home on the market and set yourself up for disappointment. Overpricing is the worst mistake a home seller can make.

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