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Two words stand out when choosing a Tallahassee Realtor who will work for their needs and family. Those two words are DEDICATED and PROFESSIONALS.

What is a Dedicated Tallahassee Realtor? Would you say a Realtor who spends 60 hours a week or more is Dedicated ? Would a Realtor who sells more than fifty houses a year be Dedicated ?  The answer to those questions is YES! But, our question is what is the motivation that causes one to be Dedicated?

Tallahassee Real Estate

Pro Players Realty USA is Dedicated to Service, Education, Customer Care and principled business practice with the goal of administering quality Tallahassee real estate services to YOU the customer. Our dedication is to you! This leads us to our next term PROFESSIONALS!

By being a Dedicated Realtor® who is motivated to administer quality Tallahassee real estate services in the customer’s best interest, we must be Professional.  We stay ahead of the ever changing Tallahassee real estate market. Our innovative educational system is individually tailored to enhance our Realtors’ knowledge of best options in every situation. Their real estate careers depend on satisfied customers. We disseminate up to date market information to all of our Realtors more efficiently and with a direction that puts the “buyer” in mind!
Our buyer’s specialists operate on a threefold awareness program:


Our Realtors preview at dozens of houses each week to gain an intimate knowledge of the current market trends in the greater Tallahassee real estate market. This activity is critical to knowledge of inventory and we work hard to be the best and most up to date students of the Tallahassee real estate market.

Knowing how to help you discover exactly what you want is our job. First we help you find the best service providers in town, lenders, insurance agents, and more. When we have helped you find the right property, We coach you on how to present an offer that is most favorable for you. When your offer is accepted we professionally oversee all details during the transaction process, including inspections, lender requirements, repairs, title work, and much more.


We at Pro Players Realty USA actively engage the public in Tallahassee by hosting a quarterly luncheon featuring a local real estate and business professional to educate us on our Tallahassee real estate market, its trends, and how to stay ahead in our ever changing business community. This is open to not only Tallahassee real estate professionals, but to all people in every business. Even to the customer who simply wants to learn more about purchasing a home or commercial property in Tallahassee, Florida and beyond.

We utilize technology to better serve the public
and our Realtors

Our state of the art programs include the technological basis for success in a world where computers update in efficiency even before they hit your doorstep! Our Realtors are experts in all technology that affects Tallahassee real estate in any way. We offer and encourage ongoing continuing education to facilitate an understanding of the latest and greatest business technology that changes how we function and stay ahead in the business climate as related to Tallahassee real estate.

The choice in finding a real estate agent that can help you realize your goals in your real estate purchase is an important one. Rest assured that in choosing a Tallahassee Realtor at Pro Players Realty USA, you are finding a Realtor who is DEDICATED to being more than just one of your competent real estate PROFESSIONALS. You are truly choosing an educated, cutting edge professional that is dedicated to serving you in all of your purchasing needs!!! Thank you for choosing Pro Players Realty!

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